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The Filum lab is the first professional typological project.

The Filum lab identifies 8 inborn groups of people, your innate personality type and temperament, as well as other nuances of your character associated with it. You will learn about your inherited type of thinking and about other stable innate characteristics of your personality that remain unchanged throughout your life.

Why is this useful?

This project will help you to understand your relatives, neighbors or colleagues and the causes of your relationships with them. It will help you to find people you can trust, to find people with common interests and with whom you can live together or in the neighborhood. The project will help you to find the country, climate and type of nature that suit you perfectly, to choose animals and dog breeds that you can keep in your home… and much more.

Mission of the project.

Filum lab’s mission is to unite people into reliable connections. The FL-test, world statistics and information is a typological method and knowledge that will help to fulfill this mission and prevent conflicts that may constantly arise within your family or even nation. Another mission is to provide you with more information and accuracy than any personality test you have ever seen.

Eight inborn groups of people.

According to our observations and facts, all people in the world are divided into 8 inborn groups that have completely different stable life interests and values, which lead to either mutual understanding or conflicts. It is impossible to educate or artificially develop in oneself the values of another group. Therefore, this is an extremely important global information that you can study in detail below.

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This test will reveal to you all the innate nuances of thinking of your personality or your inborn group and your other stable characteristics.

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