About The Project

The Filum lab is a typological project. Typology of people is a process of identification your innate stable type of thinking and other stable characteristics using facts. Your brain and personality has not only psychology inside. Your personality consists of two layers: one is your innate type and its stable qualities and another is your changeable qualities or psychology of character.

That is why there are some problems that are beyond of the scope of psychology. Stable conflicts and misunderstading between various people shows us that all people are not similar and they have different values and stable characters if their conflicts arise again and again. And only human typology is ready to help all people with such problems.

The main purpose of Filum lab is to show and work with stable layer of human thinking. Therefore, the authors don’t work with psychology and they are not psychologists, since psychology, as a science, covers only changeable things in your personality and thinking, because its task is to change you, your attitude and your behavior.

That is why Filum lab is focused only on stable things. The authors created their own theoretical material, information, terms, maps, schemes, tests and descriptions that contain facts and regularities, that other people may logically prove it. This is a rather strong statement, which speaks about the reliability of such information.

All necessary information you need to know regarding typology and your testing is published on this website. If you want to learn more deeply about theoretical material and other information, you can purchase books here.

How do we identify your personality type?

The identification of your ITT (innate type of thinking) and other qualities will be available only through online testing (FL-test) at the moment. The example of FL-test is here. The interpretation of test results is here. To order the test click here.