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Filum lab authors officially published several books at the moment. One book is available here to buy.

“Практичная соционика. Справочник по выходу из соционического тупика” is a book with complete theory of socionics created and written by Olha Kovalchuk and Viktor Dudkevych in 2013 and published in 2020. A book is written in russian at the moment. But authors will work on the translation of this book and publication of this book in several languages.

In this book there is a detailed description of all mistakes in socionics and the ways how to avoid and fix these mistakes that were created and admitted by K. Jung and A. Augustinavičiūtė as well other researchers.

This book looks at everything in a qualitative and completely new way. Socionics, being a concept of personality types and information exchange between different people, is covered in this book in a deep and completely new way. The authors
are also the creators of the graphical diagram of socionics, which is published in this book, and in which all basic socionic terms and concepts. The book also there is a brief analysis of the work of previous researchers socionics. Many things created by our predecessors as well as their terms, lend themselves to constructive criticism with precise an indication of the main disadvantages.

The book is logical, has no dead end, has many author’s innovations and amendments and it gives to the reader a lot of tables and authors’ schematics with detailed explanations. All these innovations are important for the existence of typology and socionics, and the authors logically explain the importance of such authors’ innovations. Indeed, without them, this study cannot work as a mechanism.

Eventually, it is a fully working theory from the authors, that shows the root difference between socionics and psychology.

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