Categories of People

Categories of people

We discovered innate categories of people.

A category is a group of people that is united under similar superficial life beliefs. Each person has only one category.

In total, there are 4 categories of people in nature:

Category 1. Peaceful.

People that do not support any position. Usually they are friendly and harmless, but at the same time they don’t support the country if there is no rules that can push them of doing so. They can change the internal laws and rules in each country and this may change the previous way of life of other people. These people are individualists and sometimes they need their own private space in order to be untouched. Usually they want to become famous.

They can be good natured, but in a few minutes they may become very strict and categorical with others. Their indignation and complaints are temporary and non-official, but people who are the patriots may see this indignation as a kind of pressure on their country, that is against the system. But despite of this, 1st category of people prefer to stay in a system with patriots, where they can find some income with perspective. Such people like long voyages, their own yachts and planes. By default, they don’t like to marry those people who are much older than them.

Category 2A. Active Patriot.

Such person likes to show his love to his country not only by screaming loudly and beating his fist in the chest, but also by working and giving to their country and nation a lot of good things he or she has. These people are open-minded and usually brave, sometimes even too much. That is why they may forget to track the hidden threats that may harm their country and nation from inside. After the threat becomes visible to them, they become aggressive and go voluntary to war.

They respect national culture and like to demonstrate and advocate it. They like to strengthen their body and go for sports. Their goal is a victory, everything else is just a formal question. These people like to talk about politics and argue with others. They show their emotions clearly, when you talk about war. Active patriots usually don’t create chaos by themselves. But if they see the chaos their emotions rage.

Category 2P. Passive Patriot.

Unlike 2A, these people are more calm and silent. Generous and law abiding. But they are dangerous for those who invades their territory. They use different tactics and position and sometimes can even make a friendship with their enemies. But deeply inside such people continue to be faithful to their country and keep their duties to the motherland. But that doesn’t mean yet that they will punish their enemy, because everything depends on the situation. This is the only category that will bring the lost territories back to their country in the future.

They love to work for their nation and country, as well as strengthen their muscles and spirit. Such people don’t leave others in trouble and prefer to be “in sorrow and joy together”. 2A category likes this proverb too. They can get mad at those who steals something from their country, who is hiding something or betray their homeland. 2A patriots have almost the same position. The “Union” is the idea of 2P, because they respect the freedom and territories of other nations and people, without changing the borders.

Category 3. Recluse.

These people are individualists. They are quite similar to the 1st category and they usually don’t bring any benefits to their country and motherland if there is no rules and laws that can make them to do it. Unlike the 1st category, these people are not so open-minded and don’t have the endurance or strong life position and image. They try to find benefits in everything they can see around. Some of them try to find weaknesses in law in order to become more rich. Some of them can create a chaos if they need it or even set up some people against others. Usually they don’t have a permanent place of residence during their life. They prefer to move away from society, but they can come back to society again, when they see clear benefits for themselves.

They are not against the fame, but only if it will bring them a lot of money. These people don’t understand when others are standing in lines for products or services. Sometimes, they don’t see a problem with bribes if the law in their country doesn’t work correctly. Their hobbies are quite similar to Category 1, because they like private yachts and planes. But they are very secretive and thrifty people. Recluse can feel the upcoming negative changes inside the country, and if the news are really bad, they will pack their bags and move to another place. They don’t like to talk much about politics, because such theme doesn’t touch their emotions and they don’t respect disabled, old, sick or poor people. They respect only wealthy people.

Important information! Category 2A can put pressure on category 2P. Both, 2A and 2P categories can put pressure on Category 1. Category 3 may put pressure on 2A and 2P. Category 1 can put pressure on Category 3.