Climate And Nature For You

Filum lab nature and climate for you

You probably noticed that the beauty of nature can be different.

Some people like desert, while the others cannot live without the ocean. Some people like mountains, while the others like or don’t like the shape of some trees. That is why we studied the tastes of eight innate groups of people we found and their temperaments. Now we created a map for you in order to show what kind of nature is right for these groups.

Here is our map of climate and nature:

You can see that our nature has also eight groups. But why?

We think, that at first nature logically created different lands with different climate and resources in order that certain groups of people will continuosly live in the future on that territory. That is why our nature is so different, because people are different too. Each innate group of nature should belong to corresponding innate group of people in order to live in harmony with their environment and not disturb others.

For example, your prospective group in your test result is Ethnos and you have choleric temperament. Then you should look for the nature that is called Ethnos on a map. In our case it is violet area. You also should look for “choleric” or “sanguine” type of nature inside violet area (marked as “ch” and “s”). Sanguine should look for choleric or sanguine nature type. Phlegmatic (“ph”) should look for melancholic (“m”) or phlegmatic and melancholic should look for phlegmatic or melancholic type of nature.

Every person should look for the type of climate and nature of the same innate group and temperament he has or compatible temperament.

But despite this, chaotic migration of some people for economical or defensive reason changed this order. And nobody knows when people will realize that and consciously migrate back to the territories that should belong to them.

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Attention! Our map boundaries are analytical and approximate. More detailed boundaries will be marked during further research and update. Note, that our map and information published here is not a recommendation or advice for you in order to change your current place of residence. All your attempts to change your residency or to travel you do at your own risk. This is due to the fact, that our map does not show any economical, criminal or political situation in any country on our map. The natural beauty also may not correspond to your expectations in each country and may change due to human factor and mass production.