Description of All Innate Types

Description of all Typical Innate (Inherited) Types Of Thinking (ITT)

Explanation of Atypical ITT behaviour is here. But before reading it, please read the description below, concerning your ITT. In order to identify your ITT accurately you may order our FL-test here.

In the description of each ITT you will notice the words like “melancholic”, “phlegmatic”, “sanguine”, “choleric”. This words show what of kind of qualities are more visible in such temperaments.

DLST (Democratic Logical Seeing Type)

Attentive person. Does not offend weak people and those who need protection. Always ready to be helpful. Respects controversial and religious views, tries to strive for equality (sanguine). Always attentive to suspicious things, have good memory for details and meaning of conversation, that is actual for him (melancholic, choleric). Passive patriot. Painfully reacts to those people, who betray the homeland and their nation, coworkers, family or friends.

Confused when there is a need to change something in his or her life (melancholic, choleric). Between coworkers tries to make any compromise in order to find his place and position there. Usually, such person does not pay much attention to other people’s flaws (sanguine, phlegmatic). His or her words sometimes may hurt other people, because such ITT don’t know how to pick up the right words (melancholic, choleric) and express his or her feelings and thoughts (melancholic, phlegmatic). That is why DLST has an image of secretive or restrained person.

This person likes to watch others. They don’t like when somebody helps them, until they ask about this help. But usually DLST respects the freedom of choice of other people and he or she doesn’t push on them. That is why such person likes to be independent (sanguine, phlegmatic). But at the same time, deeply inside, such person is afraid to lose his or her job, friends, relationships and tries to be attentive, compliant and close his or her own eyes to other people’s whims (sanguine).

ACTT (Aristocratic Casuistic Thinking Type)

Likes to show feelings and experiences. ACTT always wants to be a necessary and significant person (as a choleric). Such people have a natural talent in music and acting, so that’s why he or she likes to visit different performances and theatres. Such people like to entertain their colleagues too (sanguine). Sometimes, they may have a feeling of free time and they don’t know what to do and how to spend that time (melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric).

Usually ACTT is faithful to his or her own family, but may be prone to flirt with two personalities at the same time (sanguine, choleric). Tries to find and establish the inner circle by creating some strength tests for those people who are inside of this circle. May impose and preach his or her own religious or spiritual life views to others (melancholic, choleric). Waits for the help from others in business (melancholic, choleric). Being in a role of such teacher or speaker, understands the necessity to control the words, his or her own speech and keep the promises, but usually tries to blame this duty on others (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

There is also some penchant for adventurism, but later ACTT may become unsure about this and changes the tactics (sanguine, choleric). Despite the artistry, ACTT may be cautious to other people that do not belong to his or her own inner circle. Strict and judicious, doesn’t like to compromise much (melancholic, choleric). But at the same time, ACTT has a constant image of mysterious and interesting person, that can rapidly change the meaning and topic of conversation (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

ASLT (Aristocratic Seeing Logical Type)

Makes an impression of a strict and disciplined person, who craves order and justice. Proprietor type. Manages to visit a lot of places, especially those places, where someone is quarreling (melancholic, choleric). They are patriots. This person brings everything into his house and family, what he or she earned.

ASLT values his country. Such people remain loyal to their homeland even if they change the country (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). May be fairly straightforward and rude person. But usually they become restrained when they meet unpleasant person (melancholic does that). Looks for target and benefits and can change the position at work (sanguine, choleric). Thinks that showing feelings is a good habit, but delegates this duty to others (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

ASLT is honest and straightforward person because usually they can’t lie, and not because of their principles or wish (sanguine). May look for women (men) and sometimes forget to do all his or her duties. Sometimes can be superficial as companion and does not get to the bottom of the matter. In such situations they don’t talk much (phlegmatic, sanguine). When ASLT presses on others, prefers to talk about the rules and principles, sometimes even spiritual and religious. May ask for moral compensation (melancholic, choleric).

DTCT (Democratic Thinking Casuistic Type)

Fantasist. They are often upset, when their life ideas, thoughts and views are not real (melancholic, choleric). They need a charm and when they see the purpose they show their feelings and experiences. Creates an occasion in order to do his own goals and good (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

As a person, sometimes may be unreliable, because such people may forget about their obligation, rules and life principles. Therefore, they don’t understand why somebody may dishonor them (melancholic, phlegmatic). Not indifferent to other people. Very often the others remember DTCT as a good worker (for example, as paramedic) (sanguine). But if usually DTCT is a good worker for others, when his or her family needs an attention or help, such type prefers to avoid such duties (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

May be involved in negative situations where the conflicts arise and others are quarreling (melancholic, choleric). Silent and passive patriot (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). For self-defence uses his sympathy and calm emotions in order to end the conflict with aggressive people. They don’t have a feeling of guilt or responsibility to people while in self-defence mode or conflict (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

ALST (Aristocratic Logical Seeing Type)

Such people try to reach their goals in business and relationships for a short period of time. They appreciate others behaviour, and not relate it to position. Usually ALST likes to educate their inner circle in terms of some rules and moral. They realize their spirituality that can be even opposite to conventional wisdom. They like to stick to one religion and value it (sanguine).

ALST can pay attention only to one object or one thing, depending on situation (melancholic, phlegmatic). As a personality may be honest. Their face may blush when they need to lie. Usually, their information has only a diplomatic character (melancholic). In the new team ALST shows his or her emotions and feelings, that is why the others will remember them as an interesting and open-minded personality (sanguine). Such people have a need in changing their permanent residence and try to buy all new things around. But all these duties they try to blame on others (choleric). They like to talk about new things and technologies (sanguine).

ALST wants to please everyone with their appearance and behaviour. Very accurate and modern person. They don’t try to choose only one side, they analyze and try to find more benefits for themselves (sanguine). Usually they don’t think that others deserve some help, but may offer it only for a good reputation and will remind others about his or her offer later (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). In conflict situations tries to get back to the details that created a conflict and as the result, sometimes the conflict may not end peacefully (choleric).

DCTT (Democratic Casuistic Thinking Type)

They like people and easily maintain relationships. DCTT can compromise. Even if the relationships are not so good, they will remain a good companion and the person to talk with. They like to introduce people not ony for love purposes, because they try to find some charm inside of each person (phlegmatic, sanguine).

DCTT often changes the position and mood (melancholic, choleric). In clothes tries to find something refined that may like to others (phlegmatic). Sometimes can be naive and believe to everything that others say (sanguine, choleric). Usually they don’t like to protest and conflict (phlegmatic, sanguine). Good as a consultant and attentive to people. Tries to guide the others on the right track (phlegmatic, sanguine). Faithful to his or her family, friends and close people, but tries to hide this position (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

DCTT usually have no claims to other people, but can discuss it behind (phlegmatic, sanguine). Very calm and judicious, but don’t like when someone strange to him shows the feelings. Such people usually don’t think that love is something emotional and high (melancholic, phlegmatic). DCTT can easily hide defects that nobody will see it. It may look, that such people have no problems in their life (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine).

DSLT (Democratic Seeing Logical Type)

Pays attention to one object or thing and tries to find its weaknesses and qualities in order to know more (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine). DSLT realizes the spirituality and chooses in which circle of people it is comfort to do that. Such people can change their beliefs, friends and sometimes even not to promote their spirituality or religion. Tries to find inconsistency, truth and likes to hear the opinions of others about any reason (sanguine).

Such people usually don’t know how to behave correctly with those people who need support and feelings, because they don’t know how to express those feelings (melancholic, choleric). Can offer his or her ideas to others and sometimes can even lie about it or hide something. They demonstrate their strong qualities and prestige (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). DSLT consider is that the good appearance of other people is one of the most valuable and important attributes in their life. But being sticked to one object, they may forget about this rule (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

Such people like something new and unusual, therefore they will accept any offer (sanguine). Usually DSLT don’t judge the others, because they know that all people, together with them, can make mistakes and have a lot of defects. That is why DSLT prefers not to resolve such problems (phlegmatic, sanguine). In any conflict tries to find a constructive decision, usually in peaceful manner (sanguine). Sometimes they want to cause remorse in others and have a competitive spirit. And sometimes can be envious (melancholic).

ATCT (Aristocratic Thinking Casuistic Type)

Has a constant need for travel, whe can find something new and interesting. Such people often like to change clothes, job, friends, place of residence (sanguine, choleric). Wants people to love him or her (sanguine). Usually ATCT doesn’t divide people on categories, but they usually have some people they don’t respect and don’t want to help them. Has an image of merchant, that likes to get more than give (melancholic, phlegmatic).

Tries to find fashionable clothes (sanguine). Counts only on himself or herself. But if such person sees that someone needs help or service, usually starts to panic. But if he or she managed to help the others, they will never forget about the debts (melancholic). May be conflict person. But anyway, tries to be in image of business person or responsible worker (choleric). Likes the religious rules and etiquette, but in reality may not stick to that all the time (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

Despite the fact that ATCT consider themselves as the responsible workers, they cannot be attentive to every detail and can’t stick their attention to one object. And this fact may cause some bad mood or small depression inside of them (melancholic, choleric). Usually they try to find some obvious work or methods to get benefits, because they cannot lie and get out fast of situation, due to the lack of words and logic. They try to avoid such situations (phlegmatic, sanguine). In conflicts such people can create an image of their guilt and show some emotions. They like to save all relationships, because they will manage to break up the relations at any time (sanguine).

ALTT (Aristocratic Logical Thinking Type)

A person that knows the life. They choose any activity and business and studying it. Such people like to create proverbs, jokes and interesting pictures (phlegmatic, sanguine). They cannot be very good as a subordinate employee, because they may have introverted and moody character or depression.

Due to their constant changeable mood, they may betray their partners in love, family or business (melancholic, choleric). Such people may notice their own egoism, but usually they don’t like such feeling (melancholic, phlegmatic). ALTT has a good understanding of other people’s character and usually knows how to talk with them (sanguine). Such people consider pliability and sincerity as the good character traits, but they cannot use these traits by themselves and try to delegate this matter to others (melancholic, phlegmatic).

Hidden leader that needs a sense of significance (melancholic, choleric). Sometimes they forget to take some necessary clothes and things for a trip, but they don’t worry about it. Usually ALTT doesn’t have a list of plans to do, all their plans are spontaneous, and it may create a surprise to their relatives (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). In conflict situations they try to stop the conflict by showing some care to everyone, no matter if it is positive or negative type of care (phlegmatic, sanguine).

DCST (Democratic Casuistic Seeing Type)

A person that wants to be better than others. Such people dream about lots of archievements and usually they try hard in order to get all these archievements. DCST do not like to admit their own failures (sanguine, choleric). Don Juan. They trust only those people who are close to them, especially proven and authoritative people. DCST has very good sense of duty.

They control and protect their inner circle (phlegmatic). When someone asks them for help, such people may become nervous. Sometimes they have a fear and unsure position about the future of their relatives and close people (melancholic, choleric). Such people can easily learn foreign languages or something new, regarding their tasks at the new job. They like to have business trips. They are hospitable with uninvited guests too (sanguine). DCST likes to be in image of serious, discreet and enterprising person (melancholic).

Despite the fact, that such people can easily learn new working tasks or languages, they may get tired of that and leave these tasks for later. They also can hesitate about what kind of activity or jobs they want to do, because such people like to do a lot of different things. But some of them can be dissapointed in their actions later (choleric, melancholic).

Although he notices valuable advice, he rarely applies it. Observes those who like to reason, who is bad or good. He has tough and rude sense of humor and jokes that not everyone can understand. He may find himself in situations where he participates in the role of a third side or superfluous, and then regrets about it (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

In conflicts they prefer to argue with others and vehemently insist on their point of view. Sometimes even down to assault and beatings (choleric).

ASCT (Aristocratic Seeing Casuistic Type)

Very good companion. Romantic. Willingly makes contact, but prefer to be in a role of observer. A lover of various events and exhibitions (sanguine). As a householder or housewife, always surprises everyone with her or his dishes and beautiful cooking recipes (phlegmatic). Such people usually are not well-organized, but they like to keep clean at home. But sometimes they feel lack of energy and time to keep everything around clean.

Due to bad self-organization, such people may be late for important meetings or interviews. And therefore, usually worried about it (sanguine). ASCT likes to care about others or give some advice and to treat others with something tasty. Sometimes such people may impose their qualities to others in order to keep the relations strong (sanguine). But at the same time, ASCT may be very vulnerable and vindictive person, even if he or she realizes that there is no need to fixate on little things (melancholic, choleric).

True hedonist. They like to talk with others and even do not pay attention to someone elses mood (phlegmatic, sanguine). Very delicate and polite with people and have an image of well-mannered person (phlegmatic, sanguine). Overall, ASCT is an impressive person that has some artistical talents. In conflicts they know how to defend themselves using right beliefs and evidences (sanguine).

DTLT (Democratic Thinking Logical Type)

This person likes to set the goals high and looks for something new and sublime. They need some care and help, because they are the people of changeable mood. Usually, wants to be interesting in the eyes of others. Wants to be a leader and be in the spotlight (sanguine, choleric). Such people can do several tasks simultaneously, combine work and hobbies. Photographer, sculptor, musician, surgeon etc. These people succeed in everything, because they always have some unique ideas (sanguine).

But due to constant changeable mood may betray his or her partners at home or at work (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). Usually behaves relaxedly with others and do not use the rules of behavious in a collective (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). Courageous in communication with others in order to gain their trust (sanguine). If DTLT have bad mood, they can be rude and even fight with someone. Provokes people to fight with his behaviour (choleric). DTLT thinks that each person should want to be the best in their jobs or hobbies, but sometimes they are lazy to stick to this rule (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric).

Such people like to watch the others and analyze the behaviour of others. DTLT don’t respect much those people who have very intelligent image, because they think that these people are just playing roles (melancholic, choleric). Sometimes can be frivolous and don’t have a sense of debt, because usually such people consider that they owe nothing to anyone (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). In conflict situations they may consider two options: is to get away from the conflict or to fight with the person he or she does’t like. If the fight happens, they may ask their friends to help them too (sanguine, choleric).

DLTT (Democratic Logical Thinking Type)

They succeed mostly in everything and try not to drag out time. These people resolve all the problems easily and that is why they usually don’t have much problems. DLTT is usually don’t linger in one place, because they are busy (sanguine). Such people have a good sense of care that is usually directed to their family. Some of them can help the others too, but it depends on situation (phlegmatic). They also don’t mind to have some experiments in family or business.

They don’t know how to make a deal without a notary or witnesses. That is why they may become depressed about it (melancholic, sanguine, choleric). Very strong opponent at work and business, who tries to obey the rules and be the best at their position, showing only their best qualities of character (sanguine). DLTT understands that active propaganda and useful acquaintances is a key to personal growth, but they are lazy to do that all the time (phlegmatic, sanguine).

Such people don’t understand others much, that is why they rely only on personal comfort when they talk with others (melancholic, phlegmatic, choleric). They like different opinions about etiquette and rules of behaviour (sanguine). They are very serious and responsible to everything what surrounds them. The jokes and criticism may be the same thing for DLTT, that is why they may be aggressive (melancholic, choleric). In conflict situations they behave differently. They may create a tantrum and crash the plates on a kitchen or fight with the opponent or even simply go away in tears (choleric). Some of them may laugh and in one second change their mood rapidly to serious (sanguine).

ACST (Aristocratic Casuistic Seeing Type)

These people are good at human psychology. They usually check the reactions of other people and may foresee some of their steps. They know how to win a maximum in the situation and get a maximum profit or benefits from the situation (sanguine). Knows how to adapt to others, but is faithful only to his or her family. Such people usually don’t forget to give presents and greet on holidays (phlegmatic).

They often in tense, because their tact leads to nervous mood and dissapointment (melancholic, choleric). At work they usually want to know everything about their colleagues and their private life in details (sanguine). In theory, ACST have a sense of debt and may be faithful (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). Such people may be very unsure when you give them a choice. For example, the choice of love partners or jobs. ACST may want everything at the same time and that is why they will hesitate and seek for advice (choleric).

Secretive person. Usually they don’t show competitive spirit. Prefers not to talk about the success and good qualities of others. Instead, they pretend not to hear about it (melancholic, phlegmatic). In conflict situations tries not to provoke the conflict in order to keep his or her own peace of mind (phlegmatic, sanguine).

DSCT (Democratic Seeing Casuistic Type)

Likes to pester the others. Tends to be an interesting person, but usually such people are fixated on fulfilling their own needs (sanguine). They know the weaknesses of others and sometimes may use this knowledge. They may courageously go for contact with other people if they need it (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). There are the moments when such people prefer to think only about themselves (sanguine, choleric).

They try to create business from everything around. They can be attentive even to unnecessary details, therefore doesn’t understands why other people laugh. Usually DSCT doesn’t hide his or her attitude or intensions to others (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). In a team of colleagues tries not to hide his or her emotions and mood. Sometimes they can be rude, but they ask the others for patience and restraint (melancholic, choleric). Usually they show only their positive mood, because such people believe that they may share their mood with the others (sanguine). Uninvited guest.

Likes to make gifts out of nothing or using the things he or she doesn’t need. May cancel an important meeting without informing in advance, because of their “bad memory” or busyness (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric). Sometimes, he or she behaves like a teenager who knows absolutely no risk and trouble (sanguine, choleric). Demanding person (melancholic, choleric). They try to become famous and rich without working hard (choleric). In conflict situations does not see his or her fault. All the acts they commited they consider as right actions. Never admits defeat and can be very strong opponent (melancholic, choleric).

ATLT (Aristocratic Thinking Logical Type)

Such people may believe in wraiths and protect their family and even their nation from lies, illnesses, lechery and starvation. Shows indifference to people and patience. They like to hint, tell, convince. Such people like to analyze the reasons of some phenomena, if it touches the questions of life and health (sanguine). May succeed in many activities if he or she needs it (sanguine).

Scattered. May forget to take the necessary things (choleric). Takes care of loved ones, can find the most valuable things exclusively for them (phlegmatic). Feels internal discomfort if they have to compete with an opponent. May be compliant person (phlegmatic). Shows trust and sincerity to strangers, especially to those who actively demonstrate their personality (phlegmatic, sanguine). ATLT understands something about the relations of people, but for them it is a difficult question, therefore they try to delegate it to others. It’s hard for them to find an approach to any object, but they think that it is important (sanguine).

Sometimes such people may be seductive in their manners (phlegmatic, sanguine). They can live in places where is no comfort or prestige and usually they don’t worry about it. They do not pursue the fame. At home ATLT is usually passive and doesn’t like to clean the house (phlegmatic). In conflict situations, such people may show their emotions and can be very active. In some cases they can light up even more spark of emotions and make a conflict to continue (choleric).

Innate types that are atypical have almost the same description as typical, but their life values and behaviour will be a bit different.