This dictionary was created and compiled by the authors of the Filum lab. The main purpose of the dictionary is to bring clarity and specificity to the typological terms that the project uses in its work in order to avoid confusion with psychological and other terms.

Abstract person – thinks broadly and prefers to look at the whole mechanism. Way of thinking on the external level.

Activity – a sharp movement from one point to different points.

Aristocrat – thinks about reputation. He cares what others think of him. It acts as the mind says or the need, relying on what it needs at the moment, and chooses one of them. Theatricality. Claims distributed roles and the law of nature. Sharpened for balance. Thinks more about other people’s qualities and shortcomings than about his own. If you choose people or an object, aristocrat will choose an object. If you choose people or loved ones, the aristocrat will choose people. If you choose a relation or an object, the aristocrat will choose an object. Aristocrats are more likely to support the strict distribution of roles, while the democrats prefer equality and freedom. Aristocrat pulls people around like a magnet, while the democrat pushes them away.

Aspiration – you can take it as a “gamble”. Competes with the interlocutor on any topic and in any activity where they are. He develops his strength (efforts) and invests a lot of money, and other material things, in himself. He believes that this is how you can survive in difficult circumstances. Strong action and willing to reach something or compete with others.

Awareness (mind) – a person turns on an instinct, where the environment or object calls for help. A high self-evaluation.

Care (instinct) – a sense of responsibility to the object or to oneself. Shows support for those in trouble. Have a desire to cure.

Casuistry – is a function that dwarfs the trail. The purpose of casuistic is to contact with people and to build relationship. Abstract casuistry is created for external level and may have an easy contact and support relations with lots of people. Concrete casuistry is created for more internal level and it describes the words more precisely to build a quality dialogue or in order to play the role, express the feelings or create any scenario in certain relationship. The casuistry result in the FL-test that is higher than 50%, shows predominance of casuistry.

Categories – are stable surface beliefs and a person’s social lifestyle. More about it here.

Concreteness – relies on only one object and works for a long time with one object without distraction.

Concentration (fixedness) – gets stuck in one place for a long time and nothing can distract him until he himself switches to another object. Strong constant fixation of attention on one object or person.

Constancy – is devotion. Stays in one place for a long time and does not move. He is satisfied with the current state of affairs, he is not embarrassed by the previous state of affairs in the relationship.

Control – checks for a long time where something suspicious or not according to the rules for society or appears by itself.

Democrat – thinks about mental comfort. He doesn’t care what people think of him. Acts at the behest of the soul and mind, values freedom and the right to choose. Claims equality and luck. Imprisoned at recess. Demonstrates his or her strengths. If you have to choose between people or an object, a democrat will choose people. If you choose between people or relatives, an objective democrat will choose relatives. If you choose a relation or an object, the subjective democrat will choose relation.

Eyesight – is the function that defines the detail. The purpose of it is people and truth. Concrete eyesight sees only the facts with a help of its sharpness. Abstract eyesight in created for external level and sees the qualities of all these facts. For example, the colour of skin or the style. The eyesight in the FL-test result that is higher than 50%, shows predominance of eyesight abilities.

Fantasy (whim) – imaginations that do not correspond to reality. The volume of imaginations is unlimited in time.

Generosity (mindfulness, nobility) – good that begins to act (help). He listens carefully to what the interlocutor wants to convey and draws attention to those who need support.

High self-esteem – some people have innate high self-esteem, while the others have low self-esteem. Those who have high self-esteem have no doubt in their actions and relaxed in their behaviour. It may seem that these people already have everything in their life and they don’t need anything new. These people are not afraid to look uptidy or scruffy. They can get mad if you will tell something negative about their appearence. For example, they may forget to shave their face and body and consider it normal. Or even when they go outdoors they may forget to dye or wash their hair but still they will have confident position. But normally, their behaviour may look impudent or self-confident in the eyes of those who have low self-esteem.

Idea – is an act of frequent occurrence and manifestation of any ideas. An open person. Maximum emotions in the head.

Innate Color Group – your innate color and innate (inherited) color group you belong to. The vertical color stripe that is on a right side in the FL-test Standard and front page of the FL-test Prestige also indicates your ICG (Innate Color Group). More about it here.

Interesttakes to study an object that aroused interest or meaning in him. And spends a long time with this object. The number of objects is unlimited in time. Lots of hobbies and interests that can be done at the same time.

Intrusiveness – a person requires attention to himself, is obsessive, and also wants to offer something to others.

ITT – is an inherited stable type of thinking. ITT descriptions may be found here.

Logic – is a function that builds a chain. The purpose of logic is to create a case on the basis of an existing one or to check the truth in everything. Abstract logic means that it is created for external level. For example, business, target search. Concrete logic is created for internal, more precise level. This logic is created for finding accurate connections and truth. The FL-test logic result that is higher than 50%, shows the predominance of logic.

Low self-esteem – people who have innate low self-esteem always like to dress beautifully and constantly look after their appearance. These people need something new in their life and they are looking for it. But at the same time, they try to be restrained, shyly and neat. People with low self-esteem often hesitate and might look unsure or narcissistic in the eyes of those who have high self-esteem. This is due to fact that they usually show their beautiful appearence and their best clothes to others and even don’t think about the tastes of other people. This behavior negatively surprises people with innate high self-esteem and they consider such person as an upstart.

Mercy (kindness)a person demonstrates kindness, believes that this will help a stranger to relax with him.

Mood (intricacy) – thoughts do not give rest and do not leave a person, the weather also affects a person, regardless of the type of space.

Need – a person’s instinct turns on when his own body needs something. Low self-esteem.

Newness (novelty) – a person longs for something non-existent and is looking for an unfamiliar phenomenon or object. Or creates.

Objectivism – is embraced by space.

Optimism – is hope.

Organization – knows how to make plans or create an activity in a very short time and without effort. Ability to gather people and create any occasion or business with them.

Pessimism – is a lack of hope.

Psychology (character) – studies, analyzes any information coming from the interlocutor. Draws conclusions based on his experience. Constant learning about the others according to received information.

Praise (feelings) – expression feelings to different people for moral support and manipulation. Such feelings is a sign of inner insecurity and lack of independence. Has a bad opinion of himself.

Prospective group – is a born group of people. It is a stable group out of other 8 innate groups of people in the world that we have found. All groups have completely different stable life values, tastes and preferences that affect the laws and mentality from within any country and its visual differences in architecture and environment. More about it here.

Probability of ITT – the percentage of probability, that shows how accurate was the testing and identification of your ITT. The result that is higher than 50%, shows the correctness of your ITT.

Reticence – secretive and discreet. A minimum of emotions in the head.

Self-improvement – an obsession with improving one’s own assessment. Fear of being unclaimed in society due to uncertainty. Often thinks about his own personality, even if they have no success for some reason.

Self-realization – improvement of one’s actions and deeds, usually does not forgive one’s mistakes, therefore, does not make mistakes in his actions. Appreciates his own successes and the results of his actions.

Spirituality (churchness) – philosophy and reasoning on the topic of culture, religion and sociology. Education. God’s commandments, culture of relationships, actions and behavior.

Stability – is wisdom. Equilibrium, without difference, can move from one point to another point in a smooth, unshakable way.

Subjectivism – is an act of being in a relationship.

Suitable professions for you by Filum lab – jobs and professions that are suitable for your personality and your type of thinking individually. More about it here.

Temperament – inherited color of your emotions, behavior and reactions to the world around you and other people. More about it here.

The list of innate life preferences of this group – the list of constant innate preferences, interests and life values of the group you probably belong to. More about it here.

Thinking – is a function that creates thought. Concrete thinking is continuous internal thoughs that create an image, play or manipulation in order to express the variety of feelings and affect someone. Abstract thinking is created for external level and its task is to look for perspective, future trends and his or her own talents. The result of thinking in the FL-test that is higher than 50%, shows predominance of thinking abilities.

Trust – is a kind of naive, the opinions of others are important to him. Kind of openness that can make others to believe this person.

Typical / Atypical – some people have typical innate type of thinking, while the others have atypical and may suffer from depression and constant nervous mood. More about it here.

Variety – is variability. Creates many images in one place, constantly changes the weather in relationships and the state of affairs.