Eight Inborn Groups Of People

Eight innate groups of people

There are only 8 congenital groups of people in the world.

All eight inborn groups of people were discovered by the Filum lab by identifying the typical and atypical nature of each human type of thinking on practice. And most importantly, all these innate groups of people have completely different stable life preferences. These preferences are important for such people and ignoring them or their absence brings such people moral discomfort or causes aggression. Therefore, such groups of people are stable and their stable preferences are fundamental factors that influence the environment and the country and its mentality and rules from the inside.

№1. Patron

(principles + straightness + no generosity)

As all shrewd and calculating people, each Patron may be kind to others, but at the same time he or she may be very demanding person and have a lot of claims to other people. After all, Patron is a business man (or woman) that likes to live a luxurious life. The characteristic and life preferences of each Patron:

  • mental development (reading books, development of libraries, science, discipline)
  • job contract and prestigious salary
  • equality and a freedom of word in politics
  • fairness and responsibility in the work
  • prestigious views of the streets and cities
  • visa-free regime between different countries in order to work and do a business trip
  • respect for nature, the presence of parks
  • free higher education
  • availability of theatres and cabaret
  • the presence of street lights, fountains and chapel
  • the city architecture looks like as the hotels in a Rococo style. Also Patrons prefer Chalet, French style, Cubism, International style, Palladian, Gothic, Manueline, Zonder gothic, Modern style of architecture, Mannerism, Futurist
  • quality work of police
  • availability of political opposition parties. The president-Patron is solving concrete problems regarding the control and the appearance of their cities
  • legalization of prostitution and gambling business
  • Patron needs a total control over alcohol consumption and drugs, even low alcohol drinks
  • prefers payment cards, online payment and electronic legal contracts

№2. Virtue

(no principles + no straightness + generosity)

Affability is their obligation and need, collective work is a pleasure for them and doing good is a habit. You are ready to support all people inside of your country without any compensation. This is due to the fact that you don’t have any innate needs in living a luxurious life. That is why you are a simple person that don’t need a lot of wealth, because you realize the profit of living in wealthy and united country instead. You are a typical patriot who creates and preserves your own native culture, traditions and customs. Your habit of doing good for people and animals is caused by the call of your soul. Here is the list of your innate life preferences:

  • access to the vegetable garden in order to grow you own plants and birds
  • care for animals, availability of territory for animals and zoos
  • phohibition of fences around the houses and prohibition of a private property around forests, lakes and meadows
  • affability as a duty
  • free rest camps for children
  • all ideas, author’s work and inventions belong to the country and nation
  • free general secondary education
  • availability of diverse kids clubs (planting trees, art club, mosaic, dance club, construction etc.)
  • relation of national architecture with church and traditions (all in one)
  • work in public places: creating flowerbeds and its maintanence, creating mosaic and tiles on the street
  • presence of pavement, flowerbeds and benches on the streets
  • development and diversity of an agriculture market
  • police that is on the side of people and nation, such police should punish the violators of the national rights, spoiled and dishonest tourists and hooligans
  • Ruler is like a chief who solves all the problems of his nation and country
  • Virtue respects union with many countries but they want the strict saving of the borders
  • legalization of alcohol drinks
  • low-rise houses (less than 3 story) with balconies that have a view on the streets
  • Virtue group prefers such architectural styles: Minimalist, Spanish, Italian, Chateau, Pombaline, Roman architecture, City-garden, Ethnic, Queenslander architecture, European, Japanese, Resort architecture
  • prefers cash and barter as a payment

№3. Pharaoh

(principles + straightness + generosity)

Aesthete and prestigious person who loves life. Unlike Patrons, people like you always try to find your place in the world. That is why you care much what everyone thinks as well as you always think about your reputation and appearance. That is why you may notice that Pharaohs wear nice clothes and look after themselves. These people have need for prestige, nice car, boat, house etc. You have a well developed desire in looking for external variety of hobbies and interests. Pharaoh has a character of a monarch or sovereign who is responsible for people inside of his or her house. Unlike Patrons and Virtue, you don’t take much part in charity, because you don’t know exactly whom to trust. But despite such egoistic image, here are the main innate life preferences of each Pharaoh:

  • no fences around the houses and mansions
  • free wide, smooth and straight roads
  • developed tourism and technology
  • systematic renovation of an architecture and great variety of building materials
  • quality services and products that are thoroughly checked by commission according to the standarts
  • respect for the law, strict working hours, availability of insurance
  • they need a chief only in some occasions
  • professional army for defence and salary for the soldiers
  • death penalty for those who commited brutal murder, no matter if person has mental illness or not
  • long vacation after work
  • quality medical system
  • flowerpots with plants on the streets and sculptures
  • supermarkets with a great variety of food and other goods
  • clean air and ecology
  • legalization of marijuana
  • own house, mansion or palace close to the nature (in the woods or near the ocean), contact with a nature
  • prefers such styles in architecture: Victorian architecture, Tudor architecture, Empire, Cape Cod, Neocolonial, Colonial architecture, Biedermeier, Country, Barnhouse, Loft, Art Nouveau
  • prefers payment cards, online payment and electronic legal contracts

№4. Ethnos

(no principles + straightness + generosity)

Your behavior can be harsh to people sometimes but later everything may completely change to kindness. You have a willing to live a prestigious life. Sometimes, you can be even more wealthy person in reality than Pharaoh. Rich and expensive food, clothes, premium class car and a big house are not modest things but you try to own them and change it often. You take all these things and try to combine them with your traditional and patriotic style. As a result, each Ethnos pretends to be a simple person but living a wealthy life. Here is a list of their life preferences:

  • free public transportation and developed roads
  • a great variety of clothes on a marketplace
  • textile factories that produce clothes, carpets and curtains
  • adherence to religious holidays
  • painting of buildings and houses
  • raising their own livestock and availability of cheap meat, presence of governmental subsidies to help farmers survive on a market or buy machinery with a good discount
  • availability of places for hunting and fishing
  • competitions during the holiday (sporting events, events with animals)
  • availability of clubs and disco that have a village style and a bar inside
  • saving and protection the national symbols and language
  • lynching the person who broke their religious rules and traditions
  • legalization of sporting events like boxing, wrestling etc., betting business
  • a chief-Ethnos should be a religious person who has a personal authority and connections with some of the countries
  • availability of parking on a streets
  • they like prestigious buildings in such architectural styles: Fachwerk, German, Pueblo, Carolingian architecture, Renaissance, High-tech, Mediterranean architecture, Egyptian, Holland, Alpine, Greek
  • Ethnos need a total control over selling and consumption of marijuana, alcohol and other drugs
  • prefers cash and barter as a payment
  • national flag on each building including private houses

№5. Pilgrim

(no principles + straightness + no generosity)

You seek for your life goals during your life. That is why you can’t imagine your life without travelling. As a person you always try to be private and serious, because you don’t trust any strangers. Pilgrim is a person who tries to find a harmony inside. The joy of life begins when you get expensive things and wealth. But this joy and happiness comes not with a fact of obtaining such things but with a fact that your social status becomes high and respectful. Pilgrims can be fanatical in their life beliefs and views and that’s why they are the great competitors to others. A place of living of each Pilgrim looks the same as Pharaoh’s in terms of style. But they have some differences in details. Here is a list of innate life preferences of Pilgrim:

  • availability of restaurants
  • developed intermediary businesses
  • saving the the authority and their leadership positions, silent dictatorship
  • a marketplace full of various decorations and dried fruits
  • each person should have only one profession during his or her life
  • strangers or neighbors have no access to other people’s private property
  • developed small business
  • presence of lighthouses
  • a freedom of action, absence of laws
  • the president-Pilgrim is respected person and has a good sense of humor
  • quality intelligence agency
  • free-visa regime between countries in order to visit the holy places as a tourist
  • an open civil market for weapons
  • Pilgrims prefer the architecture in such styles: Wright style, Californian, Art Deco, Norwegian, Peter’s Baroque, Nordic, Deconstructivism, Czech, Scandinavian
  • prefers payment cards, online payment and electronic legal contracts

№6. Marxist

(principles + no straightness + generosity)

Patriotic tuned people and keepers of their own religion and culture. Such people like to look after themselves regularly. Marxist is more open-minded person than Pilgrim. But unlike them, such people are very dependent on their boss or politicians. Marxists like state monopoly on everything they have inside their country. Very strong in defending his or her own boundaries. Opponent of tourism in their counry due to mistrust in strangers. Therefore, each Marxist usually is less hospitable person than other people from other groups. Their religion and spirituality has much more spreading and number of believers than in other groups. Here is a list of Marxist’s life preferences:

  • increase in the number of factories
  • the relation of church with a culture
  • the protection of historical monuments and sacred sites
  • they need show and plays, circus and concerts
  • availability of a great variety of quality cosmetics
  • free historical museums
  • keeping the streets clean, as well as keeping clean their clothes and appearance
  • they like gazebos
  • work on a large state farms and fields using tractors and other equipment
  • they like pension and food rations
  • presence of the army
  • religion is connected with the politics, open dictatorship
  • the presence of bureaucracy
  • they need a total control of weapon and closed civil weapon market
  • their children are prohibited from playing computer games with blood scenery and weapons
  • presence of slogans on wall posters and signs
  • conservation of architecture. Marxists like such styles of architecture: Finnish, Post Soviet, Nazi Architecture, Craft, Russian Revival, Baroque, Swedish, Russian, Postmodern Architecture, Naryshkin Baroque, Retrospective
  • prefers cash and barter as a payment
  • they like some public and private benefits (like cards to use public transportation for a cheap price)

№7. Cognitive

(no principles + no straightness + no generosity)

Such people like to cognize themselves, their own health and other people. This cognition usually is very narrow and has a character of an experiment, because you are not interested much in other things in your life. And because of you are interested in your health you usually tend to trust various doctors and even unfamiliar people. Cognitive people do not understand themselves fully and that is why they are very dependent on their boss and authorities. They can work a lot when a boss asks them to do that. At home Cognitives are usually careless about their things and clothes, because they cannot separate the necessary from the absurd. That means, that they don’t have a need in everything material. But despite this, such people, for some reason, try to buy very expensive food, the latest design clothes and other things. Here is their preferences:

  • free consultation
  • visits to forests and mountains
  • concerts or performance with body movements
  • availability of great variety of products, goods and souveniers at the supermarket
  • presence of media news everywhere
  • availability of waste treatment plants
  • available self-service such as: public laundry, ATM, public kitchen, terminals, dormitory, garbage bins and sorting stations
  • presence of different signboards across the city where you can read about the rules of behavior and clues to comply with the rules
  • they need modern quality prestigious sanatoriums. These sanatoriums should be free to visit for people who deserve it
  • development of medicines market
  • legalization of non-treatment services that have medical character and non-treatment medicines
  • public transport which comes always according to the schedule
  • the president-Cognitive allows his nation to do a lot of things and don’t punish them for that
  • the punishment of children in order to educate them is prohibited
  • they like high-rise apartment buildings. Cognitives prefer such styles in architecture: English, Georgia state, Romanesque, Brutalism, Metabolism, Eastern, Bauhaus, Fusion, Elizabethan architecture, Eclecticism
  • they need a total control over any types of tortures and punishment, weapons and unethical experiments on people and animals
  • buying real estate, cars, paying for studies and other things only with bank loans with a relatively low interest rate.
  • prefer payment cards, online payment and electronic legal contracts

№8. Toastmaster

(principles + no straightness + no generosity)

You are the person of a family type who also likes to be social. You cannot imagine your life without a holiday or a party. That’s why you are always open-minded and sociable. Sometimes Toastmasters have a desire to argue with somebody. They are the patriots and they care about their nation and people within their grasp and values. Perhaps, this is the most caring group of people to their own children. Each Toastmaster can travel with his family and nation to another lands or live on their land for a long period of time. They are not picky, because usually they don’t care about their own appearance, clothes, food and wealth. But as all people they would not mind to get a high paid job or position so that their family will have all necessary things and prospective to get higher on a social ladder. Here is a list of you innate life preferences:

  • presence of various holidays, carnivals and celebrations
  • absence of the politicians on national meetings and during performing rites
  • free and accessible sports grounds and movie theatres
  • availability of quality maternity hospitals
  • prohibition of abortion
  • philosophy, science about religion and astrology
  • presence of kindergardens
  • strict rules of hierarchy in family and dynasty
  • free clothes in second hand
  • work on public farms, in grocery stores and food processing factories
  • presence of free canteen on a factory, in public places
  • choice of bride and groom by the wish of parents
  • division of nation on a small groups that have its own authority and judges from Toastmaster group
  • legalization of punishment for adultery and ruining marriage
  • they prefer such styles of architecture: Medieval architecture, Cottage style houses, Architech of Provence, Ranch Style, Bay and Gable, Norman architecture, Indian, Indo-Saracenic, Mudejar Architecture, Architecture of Mauritania
  • prefers cash and barter as a payment

That is why these different groups cannot get along in one country, they are uncomfortable together. Sooner or later this continuous contact may lead to constant conflicts and dissatisfaction with the life for one or more innate groups.

A map of the territories currently inhabited by 8 inborn groups of people:

The map shows what kind of innate groups of people live in certain countries at this moment. Here we mean, that such groups are distinctive majority of population among other groups of people that live there too. 

But where these eight groups of people should live separately?

Check here our world map of nature that was created for these eight groups according to their spirit and energy.
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