Eight inborn groups of people

In nature, there are only 8 inborn groups of people. This is the amount that the creators of the Filum lab saw with the help of facts and observations. In every person and his type of thinking there is a typical or atypical thinking, which, like a lottery ticket, goes to a child at his birth, and then strengthens during childhood and is in a person all his life without changes.

Having studied all innate types of thinking and facts, we clearly saw that there are eight groups of people in nature, and what is most interesting is that each group has its own interests and values ​​that are individual and important only for them. In other words, the interests and values ​​of one innate group are not repeated in other groups, they have a clear order and logic.

Therefore, when one group of people tries to impose their values ​​on another, it can end up in conflict or stress for both parties or for one of them. This is exactly what happens inside every country in the world, since different people from different groups live there, and each person defends his innate needs and interests when he collides with other people on the street or at home. The appearance of a country, its streets, its architecture, the location and neatness of streets, the color, style and material of buildings, order, silence or noise, laws and behavior also depend on the innate interests of different people.

But in order for people to learn to live in mutual understanding and peace, nature has created something different for everyone – this is knowledge and different geographical territories, which, in the literal sense, were created for different innate groups of people. Therefore, such information should not leave anyone indifferent, from ordinary people to representatives of the authorities who create laws and rules for everyone. And all precisely because the same rules do not always work for everyone and there will always be people who do not like the new order or the rules invented by other people who think differently.

That is why we described all the basic innate values ​​of eight inborn groups of people, and also created a map of nature so that people would be aware of what nature and geographic region suits them spiritually and externally. And it is this information that should be perceived by everyone as the first step and starting point to a new wave of human migration, but this time – mentally and logically correct migration, and not migration for the sake of looking for money or protection.

Link to a page with 8 inborn groups of people and their values –

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Written by V. Dudkevych.

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