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The FL-test is a typological test that detects your innate personality type and other nuances.

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    Attention! If you do not understand many of the questions and answers in the FL-test, do not send us your test and the answers to it. Do not send us a test if you deliberately played with questions and answered them incorrectly. Do not answer the test questions in a hurry and you need to think about their essence, because all of these can affect your final result and you may receive "No result" instead of your correct ITT, temperament, inborn group, and other metrics. This is because we don't give people the wrong or conflicting results. After testing and paying for the test, you will receive the FL-test result to your specified email address. Therefore, do not submit the test if you are not sure about the questions and your answers to them, or if you have not read them carefully. Save your money and our time.

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