Frequently Asked Questions

List of most common frequently asked questions:

What is Filum lab? Filum lab is a personal author’s typological project with free information that will detect your innate type of thinking and other personality qualities using FL-test.

What does Filum lab offer? Filum lab offers the accurate services in human personality typology. Also it offers free statistics and information, that may help all people to improve their quality of life.

What is the ITT? How the ITT analysis looks like? ITT is your Innate Type of Thinking. ITT analysis will be performed using online FL-test we created. It is the analysis of your way of thinking, personality qualities and the things you like. Your result will be delivered to you individually. The example of the test result you may see here.

Is FL-test paid? Yes, FL-test is paid. But it is the only paid service we offer, with the help of which we will support our project and develop our statistics, methods, free public information, website etc.

Why should I know my ITT? What should I do next with my FL-test results? Your ITT is your innate unchangeable type of thinking during your life. It is your key that will unlock your personality for your own research and may be used as a proof of your innate demands and life values. Your accurate ITT also unlocks more accurately your access to our provided free information on a main page of our website. It is here. Read more about “what should i do next with my test result” here.

How can i buy FL-test? To order FL-test you may use Paypal, your bank cards or bank money transfer. New ways to pay for FL-test may appear later. Your can order FL-test here.

Payment failed. What should I do? In majority of situations if your payment was blocked or failed you should contact your local bank or payment processor, because they are responsible for money transfers. In case if they deny their mistakes from their side, write a letter to us, using corresponding email in Contact us page.

What should I do in order to increase the accuracy of FL-test result? In order to increase the accuracy of your testing, you should stick to our recommendations and do all the tasks, even if they are mentioned as “optional”. All these requirements and recommendations may give you a better result.

When and how I will receive my FL-test result? You will receive your test result on your email that you indicated in the contact form on our website. In general, it takes up to one hour to prepare one test result. But the time, when you will receive it depends on the amount of tests we received from other people before, with considering weekends and holidays. Therefore you will get your result in turn.

I received “No result” in my FL-test result. Why? What should I do with it? There can be rare cases, when some people will get “No result” instead of their ITT and information in their FL-test result. It says, that such person probably didn’t understand our tasks and questions of the FL-test correctly. Or, sometimes, it may be, that such person answered chaotically to the proposed questions and tasks in order to play with the test or give misleading information. Filum lab task is to give only accurate results to all people. If our customers, for some reason, play with a test or don’t understand the test at all they should be ready to receive a result with a mark “No result”. Anyway, we will give a report to each customer, that is based on their answers, but we will not give a misleading result. Therefore, we ask people not to send completed FL-test to us, if they are unsure about their test answers.

Where can i read something about your theory, before buying your FL-test? All the necessary information is available on the website For example, if you want to interpret all the information in the result of FL-test, learn this page. In case if you want to learn our theory in details, you are welcome to buy our books here.

Does your theory have a logical connection with psychology and socionics? What’s the difference between typology and psychology? Yes, our theory and materials have logical connection with the psychology, socionics and with other sciences. But our works shouldn’t be mixed with such sciences, nor become a part of them. The main difference between typology and psychology, that typology is a fundament of each person that is unchanged during the life and cannot be changeable. Typology studies only undistorted stable facts about each person and has no such task as to change people and their behaviour. While psychology covers only changeable things in each person, like human psychological state, mood changes, parenting, incentives etc. The task of psychology is an attempt to change human behaviour and personal qualities of each person and believe in these changes. That is why typology and psychology are logically different by their nature.

Why do you need a Club on your website? Is it free and open for all people? Our Club is an international forum where our customers can discuss their ideas and share their information about everything or meet each other. It is free for all people, but it is open only for those people who bought FL-test. Our customers will receive a personal invitation to the Forum together with their test results. The visitors who didn’t buy our test can observe the topics and public messages on Forum too, but they won’t be able to register and write anything there.

What will you write in News page? In this page we will write and publish our updated statistics, various changes in our work and materials, publications from Filum lab authors, our project news, business activity, news about upcoming events.

Where can i order your FL-test in case if your website will not work? In case if our website doesn’t work you will be able to order our FL-test thought our Facebook page here. Or you can write down our email to order the test using your email. In this case, we will give you printed version of our test that you will have to fill in manually and send it back to us and also we will provide you with our payment details to pay for FL-test.

How do you use my personal information I provided to you through the contact form and throught the test on the website? Some of your personal information you provided we use for creation our public statistics. The rest information you provided will not be publicly displayed. Read more about it in our Privacy Policy.

Do you use only one type of testing in your FL-test? At this moment we will use two ways of testing. But we may change the questions and methods of testing at our own discretion at any time.

How true are your tests? Do these tests really work in reality? Yes, our tests work in reality. This is due to fact that our theory is well structured and has no logical contradictions.

Where i can order FL-test? You can order FL-test only on website or in our social network pages mentioned on this website. Avoid other places and websites that may offer you FL-test or Filum lab test, because such people may copy our questions and brand name without giving you any true result.

FL-test result has an expiry date? No, your FL-test result has no expiry date. This is due to fact that your ITT is lifetime and unchangeable.

What is typology? Typology is a large area of knowledge that collects, counts and classify facts. More about it here.

What is Innate Color Group? That is a group that have the same favorite color objectively and this color is innate for such people. More about it here.

We may add more questions and answers about project later.