Gifts For People

How to choose the gifts for a relatives or friends?

According to our analysis we have found that some innate groups of people like some things most than the others. Such choice is followed by their innate life needs and preferences. That is why we created a list of gifts for each group.

Here is the list of groups and their gifts choices:


  • pictures, souvenirs, flowers (both in pots and without)
  • jewelry, money
  • technological devices (computers, mobile phones, cameras, TV etc.)
  • musical instruments and musical devices (if they fond of music)


  • sculptures and pictures of people who have birthday or another celebration (as a glory and pride)
  • linens, expensive wine, tickets to ballroom, decorative dishes, decorative textures, books


  • voucher to sanatorium, voucher to masseur, a discount voucher to grocery stores and clothing store
  • spending time together in fast food cafe or in shopping centers
  • a pack of various sweets


  • a large piece of meat and other food, sausages, cakes, case of beer, expensive whiskey
  • decorative weapon, expensive and quality accessories for hunting or fishing
  • household goods
  • gold jewelry


  • cosmetics, body and hair care products
  • bags, watches, headdress
  • box of popular sweets or bisquits, concert ticket


  • jars of homemade jam and other food products
  • the presence of guests in their house that will help them to cook since morning


  • spending time with family and relatives, outdoor picnic
  • towels, kitchen dishes, carpet


  • postcards, parcels
  • cafe for two or three persons
  • well-known singer will congratulate them or sing for them

We may add some new gifts and ideas to this list later. But some basic gifts to buy for such people was mentioned here.