Innate Depression

Innate depression

Why do some people have innate depression?

Innate depression is something that is closely connected with human thinking. In our FL-test we mention that some people have typical or atypical type of thinking. Such differences are usually innate and can influence human behavior. But what does that actually mean?

Typical means that the ITT of a person has an easy connection with their category and they don’t have innate depression.

What is category? Read about it here. People who have Typical ITT usually do not suffer from depression and don’t have huge emotional changes of mood, because their category is typical or classic for their ITT. The main plus here is that such people have clear life views, good memory and personality image without contradictions in thinking and their way of life. These people like comfort and to live in comfort conditions, because their thoughts are clear in relaxed atmosphere.

Atypical means that the ITT of a person has an artificial non-harmonic connection with the category that is unusual for their type.

These people always try hard in order to stay in that image, and it resembles a habit from a childhood. It doesn’t mean that these people are sick, good or bad, but usually they are full of personal contradictions regarding their way of life and personal values.

The main minus here is that Atypical people may feel mood changes, bad memory, obesity and constant depression for all life, because of atypical category.

For example, people who have Atypical ITT and who are the patriots. Sometimes these people say that they are living simple life and they don’t need huge salaries, they are working hard and giving everything to Motherland. It looks like they are not picky persons at first sight. But if you look closer, you will notice that sometimes they change their mind and want to live a rich life, spend all their money on expensive car, expensive house, rich various food, expensive art objects, expensive clothes. By the way, they like to change these clothes often. It seems like they should live a simple patriotic life, but at same time they want to live a wealthy life.

Atypical have contradictions inside of their thinking, because of Atypical category, that influences their thoughts all the time.

Those people feel that contradictions but they mistakenly think that all people around are the same as them. When these people are staying at home all the time, their classical Type reminds of oneself. But in order to suppress these sensations, Atypical people try to go outdoors or do something new or to travel somewhere. These constant changes may lead to hidden depression, because these people don’t want to hear the voice of their classical Type. Depression also may lead to obesity, because people who have depression prefer to eat a lot without a norm. Some people can be also alcohol addicted, smoke too much or use drugs.

As for the behaviour of other Atypical people, they have almost the same behaviour no matter if they are patriots or not. These people like to talk about money, they spend a lot of money and they try find a lot of money. It may seem that they don’t have any values except money. Very often they like to brag to others and show their wealth or advantage in something. In order to get more money and grow socially, these people may close their eyes on moral rules, which is usually considered to be their weakness.

These people are flexible and may not adhere to the same side or the same opinion. Therefore all atypical types of people are thinking about themselves and their profit more than about the others. Atypical people usually have a superficial judgment and humor is just as simple and superficial. This is not an insult, but a fact that is visible to people of the Typical type.

Atypical mistakenly seek for consolation from depression buying something new or expensive all the time.

Trying to find something new, some of these people can react normally to those people who have same-sex marriage or relationship or even like to spread this idea. Of course, we all know that this is considered normal nowadays, but some of Atypical people believe in such relationships as innate need of some people. And this is due to their constant changing mood.

All Atypical people like these words: “You need to get out of your comfort zone”.
In case if a person has a feeling of constant discomfort and wants to change his or her category from atypical to typical, we will work later on private special courses that may help those people.