Model of Human Relationships or Model of Family

Model of family

Model of human relationships or model of family are one of the most influential relationships.

Model of family is the relationship between people that depend on such factors as: your ITT, ITT of your biological parents, ITT of your friend (or loved one), ITT of your friend’s biological parents (or loved one), temperament, abstract / concrete thinking. That is why we call it Model of Human Relationships or Family Model.

Here is the human relationships description and the family model tables below:

1. Perspective Relationship

Relationship is easy to build. Partners can feel raging emotions. Such relationship is easy-going, stable and promising, especially when both partners see everything around in different colours and when they are full of love. In general, partners are doing joint questions and issues easily. Therefore, such relationship is good only for marriage. In the case of friendship, work or business, such people are too picky, emotional and unconstructive in relation to each other. If married couple have some serious problems and negative causes that influence their relationship, nothing can stop their relations from the broken relationship. After that, such people may hate each other, because their previous friendship and attitude are not the same as it was before and they will not be able to save the relationship.

2. Excellent Relationship

Such relationship is developing very fast and sometimes even much more faster than “Perspective” relations. Both partners like each other and protect each other, but from time to time the one side of this relationship may feel the lack of something (in case, if we have distinctive sides). This relationship may develop or become stable, but everything depends on the one side of such relationship, other life circumstances and interpersonal relations. This is due to the fact that another side always needs a protection or guardianship from the first side. Such relations are good for marriage and friendship. Despite the other types of relationships, their relation is always based on conversation. Such couple always discuss something easily and even when they argue, they usually don’t hurt the feelings of each other, because they have fun together. In couples, where we have a disctinctive sides, one side is always suffer from parting. The main feature of such relationship is that if couple decide to breakup with relations, nobody wants to be the initiator of this process and such breakup can be long for several years. After the breakup, both have a resentment for ages. They both realize that such decision was not spontaneous, but inside they always want to renew their relationship again.

3. Good Relationship

The main feature here is that such people like each other. Their relationship is based on the efforts of one side (in case, if we have distinctive sides). These people usually don’t annoy each other, but one side sometimes may have a willing to educate another side and hit his or her weak points. They usually don’t feel mutual responsibility or obligation, that is why their marriage or friendship may not be so strong. Usually such people don’t register a marriage, because they both realize, that they have a little bit different life targets. When such people are divided on a distance, they aren’t afraid of parting, but both believe that their relationship may become better soon. Both partners can learn a lot of new things from each other.

4. Medium Relationship

Everything looks good here, except the different life views. Each side insists on its own point of view and usually they do not inferior with the other side (if they are not family members). Such relationship has some difficulties. Even the small goals of one side are more valuable to them than the big goals of the other side of such relationship. But despite of these difficulties, each side has a constant feeling of care towards each other.

5. Medium-low Relationship

All the time both sides have a feeling of tension and misunderstanding in their conversation. There are the moments, when the one side feels itself useless and empty after that. Such feeling may create inferiority complex, because one side doesn’t understand the other side. Both try to find fault in each other and end their conversation for some period of time. One side has a constant feeling of guilt, but doesn’t realize the reason and the root causes of it. The main feature of such relationship, that another side may have a feeling of responsibility towards that side, but a maximum what he or she can do is to remind about himself or herself. But another side usually don’t consider the purpose to renew such relationship, because he or she don’t have such a willing inside.

6. Hard Relationship

The one side usually don’t support the another. Due to this fact such relationship is not developing. Partners can be good only in mutual business or work, because they try not to hurt the feelings of each other and they discuss everything constructively. They both can compromise, use mutual ethics and formal conversation style. That is the only feature of such relationship.

7. Very Hard Relationship

Such relationship is similar to “Hard”, but here both partners waste a lot of their emotions and energies even in simple conversation. The one side is exhausted and tries to be on a distance from interlocutor for some period of time. Usually their relation is short-term. This is due to the fact that both of them have feeling of rivalry and each partner wants to be on top.

8. Unpromising Relationship

Both sides don’t have any particular mutual feelings towards each other, except sympathy. Usually they try to avoid each other, because they prefer to communicate with people who are closer to them in spirit. That is why there is no enmity or friendship in such relationship.

But how to understand which one type of relationship you have with another person exactly? At first you need to find your ITT in a list, then temperament in table below and corresponding symbol:





For example, your ITT – ASLT. Your temperament is choleric. Your symbol is –. Your friend – DTCT. Her temperament is sanguine. Her symbol is /+/. Totally you both will have – /+/. Or your ITT – ASLT choleric. Your girlfriend is ACTT. Her temperament is melancholic. Your symbols will be – /-/

The next step is you need to know what types of ITT your biological parents have. Your ITT – ASLT and you have concrete way of thinking. For example, both of your parents are also having concrete way of thinking. Such people like you will always be tuned to those who have concrete way of thinking, because your parents have concrete way of thinking too. It’s like a family experience and relationships that you will always remember.

In total we have four options in family model relationships:
  • Concrete person who has concrete biological parents. Let’s call this person “C”
  • Abstract person who has abstract biological parents. Such person will be “A”
  • Concrete person who has one parent of concrete and one parent of an abstract way of thinking. “C*”
  • Abstract person who has one parent of concrete way of thinking and one parent who has an abstract way of thinking. “A*”

Let’s have a look on a table that shows the relationship of two persons, who have Concrete way of thinking (CC) who have concrete parents too. Or two persons who have Abstract way of thinking (AA) and they have abstract parents. Or two persons (C*A*) that both have concrete and abstract parent, given their temperaments:

CC or
AA or C*A*
+ /-/Perspective Relationship
/+/ –Perspective Relationship
+ +Medium Relationship
+ /+/Hard Relationship
+ –Good Relationship
/+/ /-/Good Relationship
/+/ /+/Medium Relationship
– –Medium Relationship
– /-/Hard Relationship
/-/ /-/Medium Relationship

Let’s check the other tables:

CA or
C*C* or A*A*
+ /-/Good Relationship
/+/ –Good Relationship
+ +Hard Relationship
+ /+/Unpromising Relationship
+ –Medium-low Relationship
/+/ /-/Medium-low Relationship
/+/ /+/Hard Relationship
– –Hard Relationship
– /-/Unpromising Relationship
/-/ /-/Hard Relationship
A*C or C*A or
C*C or A*A
+ /-/Excellent Relationship
/+/ –Excellent Relationship
+ +Medium-low Relationship
+ /+/Very Hard Relationship
+ –Medium Relationship
/+/ /-/Medium Relationship
/+/ /+/Medium-low Relationship
– –Medium-low Relationship
– /-/Very Hard Relationship
/-/ /-/Medium-low Relationship

Remember! There is no ideal relationships. All human relationships may be stressful. The difference between human relationships lies only in level of human mutual understanding, emotions and personal comfort.

In case if people don’t want to be involved in love relationships, but want to have only business relationship, the only relationships that are ok for that are “excellent relationships” and “good relationships”. The other relationships are good for work only if both of you work on the same job under the same director, not as independent partners or business owners. In this case all relationships can be ok for mutual job cooperation, except “very hard relationship”.