New affordable and updated FL-tests for everyone

The typological FL-test will now have three different reports with different prices.

We’ve updated the FL-test and updated its look and structure. But we have always wanted to make our typological personality test affordable to many people of our planet. That is why you can now explore your innate personality and other nuances of your character by choosing three different types of FL-test report. The most affordable, basic test called FL-test Miniature now will cost only 3 USD on a stable basis. With this report you can get all the most basic and necessary. And for people who want to get more detailed information or the maximum of info – we present to you the FL-test Standard and new FL-test Prestige. These test reports are more expensive, but you can get more information with them.

With a discounts all three types of the FL-test will be even cheaper.

To find out more, follow the link. We are happy that you support us and we will try our best too! Best regards, the Filum lab project.

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