Partnership and Discounts

We invite you to become our partner.

You will get money bonuses as gratitude for finding people who want to purchase FL-test. Any person who will find a customer to buy FL-test will get 25% of the purchase price made by their customer. At the same time, the buyer they found will save 16.6% of a total FL-test price. Therefore, we share 41.6% of our income with our customers and partners.

What do I need to do for this?

To get a 16.6% discount as a customer you need to write during the purchase the name and surname of a person who recommended you to buy FL-test. Note, that you will not get a discount if you write the name and surname of a person who is not our partner and who has not accepted our Agreement. Also note, that our test is only available on the website or alternatively (in case if website doesn’t work), on our Facebook page If any person asks you to pay cash for Filum lab test or offer to buy a test on other Internet pages or social networks, please, avoid such people.

A person who wants to look for the customers and receive money bonuses, you need to fill in the form of our partner below and accept an Agreement. Note, that we don’t insist that our partners should be our customers and we do not require any payments from our partners. The only thing partners can spend their money on at their will is printing Filum business cards. But these costs are non-refundable like other expenses indicated in our Partnership Agreement. Each person, who fills out the form of a partner, will not be considered as our employee, but only a volunteer or partner on a distance.

Each partner can distribute our test and project in accordance with their free time and use their own legal methods of advertising. The basic methods are: distribution of Filum lab business cards in reality on the streets (if allowed to do this locally and economically fits you), among your friends, neighbors, colleagues etc., usage of your own social network pages, websites or even homemade posters. You can use your own ideas of distribution that will not harm others and you, our environment and will not influence negatively the reputation of Filum lab.

Fill out this form to become Filum lab partner:

    Your name and surname:

    Your e-mail:

    Select date/month/year of your birth:

    Select the country of your permanent residence:

    Enter your bank card number:

    Your Paypal e-mail address (if you have one):

    (Please, check mark if you agree and press the button below)

    After you sent us your personal details to become our partner, you can start to look for the customers and download our Filum lab business cards below in case you want to print it at your own cost. Note, that we have no paper quality requirements, so you can print our business cards even on a cheap paper at home, or write the similar business cards by your hand.

    The main thing is that the name of our website and social media pages is indicated on the business card, and do not forget to write your first and last name on it, and, if possible, your phone or email. You need to do that in order that a customer does not forget to indicate you when ordering FL-test.

    We also recommend you to learn all information and theory on our website in order to know more what are you going to advertise, because people will ask a lot of questions. And you should know the answers to them. Thank you for your partnership and good luck!