Privacy Policy

Who we are

Filum lab is a personal website and typological project of Viktor Dudkevych and his team. Our website address is All the necessary contact information is displayed in “Contact Us” at

Kinds of personal information we collect and what we will do with such information collects personal information using website contact forms and third party plugins such as: your name and surname, date, month and year of your birth, country of residence, your email, pictures, videos, photos, links to your photos or your social network links, ip addresses, bank card number (only for partners, not for customers), Paypal registered email (only for partners, not for customers), your FL-test answers to the proposed questions and tasks.

We additionally may also collect personal information, like phone number and address from those customers who have a willing to buy our paperback books. We need such information only for postal services and shipping in order to send our books to our customers. Also we may collect your passport photos (or ID) and medical statements photos in case if you want to get a refund or get a test for free (in case of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and Parkinson’s disease, e.g. below).

We also collect your personal information if you buy FL-test and the information generated in a result of your FL-test, in order to create statistics and show some of these statistics publicly on or at our social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). We do not publish in our statistics our customers’ sensitive personal information like: name and surname, date, month and year of birth, photos of our customers, videos and their social network pages (in case, if our customers shared it with us), ip addresses, e-mails.

The members of Filum lab receive our exclusive news, sales, offers, cooperation plans, information bulletins and gifts to their email address. They share with us their email addresses and give a consent for that in the related form. For the customers, who already bought our FL-test or books, we may send our information, news, sales, offers etc. to their email addresses at our own discretion at any time. If you don’t like it you may unsubscribe from our offers at any time.

We may share family videos or photos of our customers only if we receive their personal consent to do that. We may share the sensitive personal information of our advertising partners and customers (who ordered our paperback books) with banks, payment processors, postal services and shipping companies in order to complete transaction and for delivery of our books. Other information we need is only for our own analytical research purposes and records, not for public display.

Also we may collect and ask for customers’ personal information concerning their health status, for example, medical statements and copies of the documents that show that our customer’s family has alive person who is sick with Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Such personal information, their date of birth, name and surname of a patient and copies of these medical documents will not be publicly displayed on our website or elsewhere. We need such documents in order to offer a free FL-test for the family members of a patient and people, who contact with a patient.

The information about the number of sick people with Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease, their personality types, personality types of their family members (and all information generated from FL-test) will be used in our public statistics and research. The FL-test results of their family members or caregivers will be used in our public statistics and research too.

When you read this Policy and use our Services you consent that we will use your personal information for our own purposes mentioned above. You agree that we will store your data and we will create public statistics using some of the personal information you provided. And you agree, that information you provided is correct and true. does not collect any personal data of the website visitors using Google Analytics or any other analytical services. That is why we do not use Google Analytics cookies or other cookies that may constantly track and display to us your approximate geographical region or city, pages you observed on the website etc. We value your privacy and your choice. We may collect your ip address and other information mentioned above only in the website contact forms and plugins during test registration or e-mail letters when you provide it to us at your own will.

Some of your personal data is also created by writing in posts on our Club (forum), analytics, cookies and third party embedding. We recommend you not to write any of your sensitive personal information publicly on the Club, because we cannot control that information and you are totally liable for that.

When you register your account at Paypal website and other payment services you agree that you give your personal information to Paypal or to other payment services that Filum lab has no connection with. This means, that if you share your personal infomation with such payment processors you agree that you should read and agree with their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that Filum lab has no connection with. Filum lab and its authors and licensors are not liable for storing and using your personal information that you have sent to Paypal, payment services, banks or any other Third Party services.

Club (forum) Content

You can upload your media to our Club (forum), such as your photos, pictures, links and other files. All uploaded files will be publicly displayed.

Contact forms does not include a default contact form. We use third party plugin for such purposes. What type of data we collect through this plugin were mentioned above.


If you write a comment on the website you may have to save your name, email address and website in cookies.

When you will log in, you will also have some cookies to save your login information. Your login will be saved too, if you will press “Remember”. If you log out, the cookies will be deleted.

Content that is taken from other websites

Articles on this site may have a content that is taken from other websites (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.). This content works in the same way as if the user has visited the other website. These websites, at their own discretion, may collect your data, use their own cookies, additional tracking, and look for your interaction.


As mentioned above, does not collect any analytics data of our website visitors by default except the information you included in contact forms or email. Some web hosting accounts may collect some data for their own analytics.

With what companies and third parties do we share your personal information

We may share some of your personal information with banks, payment processors (like Paypal etc.), postal and shipping companies in order to deliver our books to customers and complete transactions with our advertising partners. In other cases we do not share your personal information with other businesses, authorities, websites or suppliers at our own will, unless it is required by applicable law. Filum lab do not sell your personal data to other businesses or third parties. But we have no control over the third party plugins website uses and over the work of hosting provider that can access your data and emails you leave through our website. That is why we are not liable for the third party code and hosting provider work that may generate or collect your personal information somehow. We are not responsible for the proper work and security of such plugins and sources, since we are not the owners, licensors, employees or creators of it. You should always understand that fact and be informed, before you use our services and share your confidential information.

Keeping your personal information

All your personal information we receive will be kept as much as we need it for our statistics, research and analytics purposes. At first, we store all our customers and partners data for 5 years with automatic renewal for the next 5 years, unless we need such information later for the purposes mentioned above. In case if we don’t need some personal data anymore, we may delete some or all information of our customers and partners. If you leave a comment on Forum or in website post, the comment is stored for unlimited time. Using this storage, we can recognize and approve any comments. All users can see, edit, or delete their personal information at any time on a Forum.

What rights do you have

You have all rights concerning your personal information and data that you provide to us. So that is why you may ask us to delete some or all of your personal information we keep. We will not delete and we will continue to keep the information we need for legal, security and business purposes. In order to ask us to delete some or all of your information you should write a letter to our email indicated in “Contact us” page on

Where do we send your personal data

Your data is usually sent through the third party plugins Filum lab website uses to the servers of the web hosting provider the service of which we use. Your test results will be sent from our mailing servers or third party mailing services (like Google etc.) to your email address that you provided in our contact form. Note, that we are not connected with a web hosting provider and its employees. Usually, web hosting employees have a direct access to our website data and your data only in case of website technical support. Therefore, creators, authors and owners are not liable for any actions that web hosting company and its employees can do with your and our data, email letters and personal information.

Your contact information

We will store your contact information through our website contact forms. All necessary contact information from our side regarding various questions or issues can be found in “Contact us” at

How do we protect your personal information

We protect your personal data using up-to-date plugins, passwords, software and reliable web hosting services. Our website has an SSL certificate that ensures that your connection with is more secure than with older one certificates. Filum lab team is trained to behave correctly with personal data and only few members will have an access to your personal data.

What procedures do we use in case of any data corruption or loss

In case we have noticed any data damage or loss, we will notify our customers and block temporarily the work of our website and the third party plugins we use. Our main task is to find the main cause of a damage and eliminate it. After figuring out the cause during inspection, we will notify all the customers and visitors to stay away temporarily from sharing their personal information until we make sure that everything is secure. During such procedures, we may change our passwords, web hosting, technically reinstall software and invite lawyers to a dialogue and other specialists in order to avoid such problems in the future.