Terms of Service

1. Filum lab

Filum lab is the first professional typological project that defines your innate type of thinking (ITT), 8 inborn groups of people, temperament and complete innate personality type. ITT is your Innate Type of Thinking or more precisely it is your inherited type of thinking. The Filum lab creator (and author) is Viktor Dudkevych. His assistant and deputy is Olha Kovalchuk. Our team’s task is to create comfort and better human relationships for each person in the world. We spent many years at work and created free services for you and the only one paid Filum lab service at the moment which is called FL-test.

The results of this test will help you to understand the complete complex portrait of your personality and will give you a lots of free interesting information. After that you can learn about other people too and start to respect their innate values and characters. The statistics we will collect will be able to prove that all people belong to the certain innate groups and this will help the authorities to change the policy, laws and rules towards the different innate groups of people in accordance with their different objective life values. But more important, that people will realize where to immigrate and with whom they should live together, without regarding to financial purposes.

Filum lab information and test may help all people to find those persons with whom they may feel more comfort in communication, family, work, business, neighborhood. These may prevent continuous misunderstandings and conflicts of various people. And maybe it can prevent some diseases. But in general, the service result may be a good addition to your national passport and biometrics. We hope you will like it.

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) describe our obligations to you, and your responsibilities and rights when you use our services. Read them attentively and contact us if you have any additional questions.

2. Terms of Service

These Terms describe your access to and use of https://www.filumlab.com, as well as all content and Filum lab services.

For Filum lab services, we use WordPress.org and plugins hosted there, Paypal.com and other third party plugins. All these plugins, businesses and services may have their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy we are not connected to. Some or all of these plugins and services may not be liable for loss or damage of your personal data.

We offer our Services to your consent, without any changes, all terms and conditions contained and all other operating rules, including Privacy Policy, and other information that may be published by Filum lab (collectively, the “Agreement”). You agree that we may update our Services anytime, and the Agreement will apply to any changes.

You need to read this Agreement before using our Services and accessing to it. During your access or using any part of our Services, you agree to become bound by the Agreement. If you don’t agree to all the terms written here, then you should not access and use our Services.

You agree that before starting testing, you must honestly fill out the registration form for the FL-test or the FL-test Creative, providing the correct data.

You agree, that sometimes you may receive “No result” instead of your correct ITT, prospective group and temperament in your FL-test result and other indicators. This may happen due to manipulative or misleading answers to the test questions or in the situation, when you didn’t understand many questions and tasks from FL-test. Sometimes it may also happen when a person very quickly answers the questions and tasks of the test, without thinking deeply into their essence. Anyway, in such situation you will get a report based on your answers, but we will not indicate any ITT, prospective group or temperament in your results in this case. Follow our guidelines and read our questions and tasks carefully to avoid such situations, because some tasks and questions can be difficult for some people.

You agree that sometimes you may get only a report without indication of your ITT in your FL-test result. This may happen in case if your FL-test answers will show matches with your ITT only below 50% of total accuracy.

You also agree, that people aged over 55 years old, who will buy and complete FL-test, may get wrong temperament result in their FL-test result.

Having received the results of the FL-test, you automatically agree that your innate values and needs coincide with the results of this test, and sign the agreement, accept the terms and conditions before taking the test.

You agree that you may receive your FL-test result in order with some delay, due to high volume of tests we receive from other customers.

In case if you have alive family member with Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease, you may pass the FL-test for free, but only people who have direct contact or will have a contact with a patient should pass the FL-test. First, you agree that you will need to share with us a video of a patient, photos of your family members, who contact with a patient. Also, you will need to share the photos of caregiver who contacts with a patient (if there is any caregiver). Also, you agree that before testing you will need to show medical statements and documents as well as other requirements (such as ID or passport photos), that show that your family member is sick with Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Otherwise, we will not accept your tests for free. All people who wish to take the test for free, provided that they have a person with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or Parkinson’s disease in their family will receive the test result in the form of the FL-test Miniature, and this is provided that there were no contradictions in the test and the test did not show “no result” in the end.

You agree that Filum lab services and FL-test and other information is not of medical character and we do not cure, recommend or guarantee that a patient with Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease will get well and feel better. We do not guarantee, that our services and tests will help to beat Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease and bring the person back to their old life. This is especially true for patients with a severe stage of Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease.

You agree that food products we display for certain innate types of thinking are not nutritional advice of dietologist and do not constitute medical advice or medical services. If you have a personal intolerance or allergy to certain foods on our list, you should immediately contact your doctor. You agree that Filum lab and its creators are not responsible for any consequences, death or deterioration of health, if you eat any of the products from our list. This is due to the fact that we are not responsible for the quality of the products available on the market, and we are not responsible for your health in the event that such products are consumed. You do everything at your own discretion and at your own peril and risk.

You agree that you are not allowed to copy, change, modify or take and use our information such as: books, maps, photos, descriptions, text, lists, statistics, collections and tests published by Filum lab on the website https://www.filumlab.com and in social networks for commercial purposes. You cannot claim your authorship to all information published on the website https://www.filumlab.com and in social networks as it may infringe the copyrights. You can only claim your copyright regarding information that you publish on our website (Forum) if you are the original author, such as: your photos, text, comments, messages etc. We allow you to publish the information indicated in your personal FL-test result (if you wish so) for educative purposes.

If you want to share with others our statistics, tests, maps, descriptions, collections, lists, text, photos and other information published by Filum lab on our website (except books), you are allowed to do that only for educative, public and your own purposes (except commercial purposes), with the direct indication that the author rights belong to Filum lab and its authors. Alternatively, simply share the direct link to the website https://www.filumlab.com. You are not allowed to share and distribute the copies of our books without our consent as it will infringe copyright. Please note, that even using Filum lab information such as: Filum lab statistics, descriptions, lists, collections, maps, texts, photos and tests for educative, public and your own purposes, you are not allowed to change or modify this information or use this information for commercial purposes. All Filum lab copyrights belong to Viktor Dudkevych and Filum lab team, who are the authors of materials published on the website https://www.filumlab.com and in social networks. The books copyrights belong to Viktor Dudkevych and Olha Kovalchuk, as it is indicated on covers.

3. The sides

In these Terms, “you” applies to individuals and businesses that access and use of our Services. If you are an individual using our Services as an entity, you warrant that you have the rights to bind and accept that entity to the Agreement using its name.

4. Filum lab Services and FL-test by Filum lab

Filum lab services are the informative services that refer only to human logical typology based on human stable values and indicators that remain unchanged. These values and indicators we receive during your testing. All our services are not medical, psychological or psychiatric services and do not usually show your mental health condition or any other health state. In case if you need any medical help or advice you need to visit a doctor.

In case if any our information, publications, maps, photos, videos, text, books and tests provided on the website Filumlab.com and in our social networks become a trigger to your mood changes, emotional changes, depression or any other consequences that can be related to your health status or even death, we are not liable for that and you use our information and tests only at your own risk, discretion and you are solely responsible for that. You are also responsible for your actions and such actions should not harm the others and yourself before and after reading and accepting our information and our publications on a Filumlab.com website and in social networks.

All information provided on Filumlab.com and during and after your testing is only for informative purposes. We do not give you recommendations and do not push you to change your country, job, education, eating some kind of food, having a pet etc. All these information are only for informative purposes and you use such information only at your own risk and discreation. Filum lab and its authors are not liable to any consequences that may arise after you stick to or use our information provided on Filumlab.com or in our social pages.

We have a Club (forum) as a part of our services and we are not liable for any consequences regarding when people meet each other in reality with the help of our Club. We cannot control and we don’t know any person in reality who uses our Club and have a conversation and meetings with others in reality. Therefore Filum lab and its authors are not liable for any sexual harassment cases, violence, assault or any other consequences that may arise when people from our Club meet each other in reality. All the users of our Club should be careful and obey the rules we indicated there.

In addition to all our services we also sell our books on Filumlab.com in paperback or E-book (EPUB) and PDF formats.

5. Content

Our FL-test and most of Services do not require a creation of account, so you can order this test without creating an account. But during the purchase and before testing you have to write accurate and necessary information in contact form. It is important to submit an accurate information, because we will collect the statistics based on a provided information and it will be used for sending your test results or books you bought.

You may need to get an invitation from our administration if you want to register and use our Club (forum) that will be located on website https://www.filumlab.com. Note, that our Club is not open for all people, but only for those who made a purchase of FL-test. The people, who didn’t buy the test will not be able to observe the Club and they cannot register, read, write or post there anything without invitation.

You are liable for any activity under your account. You are responsible for keeping your account information and for keeping your password.

You would better not to share your access credentials with anyone. But you can write us a letter if any person uses your account or if there is any violation of security happens. We will not be liable for any acts by you, damages of any kind of a result of your acts. When you give us your e-mail, we may contact you later to share more details we have to offer.

By submitting your Content (photos, pictures, videos, text, drawings made by hand, comments etc.) to Filumlab.com, you give to Filumlab.com and its creators (authors) a royalty-free, worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, sublicensable and transferable license to reproduce, use, prepare derivative works of, distribute, display content in connection with the Filum lab’s activity, including publishing and redistributing part or all of your User Submissions (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any channels, and you disclaim any rights in your submissions, if it is permitted by law.

You also grant to each user or visitor of the Filumlab.com a right to reproduce, use, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display and perform your content.

When you upload or send your Content, your personal information and FL-test answers to Filumlab.com and to its creators (authors) you agree that your personal information and answers will be used for statistics creation, its development and public display and research. See more about it in Privacy Policy.

6. Age

Access to our Service is only for those people who are over the age of 18. If you are younger, you shouldn’t use our Service. In case if you are under 18 years old and you were inattentive and paid for FL-test, we will give your money back. In any case, you will not get your FL-test result if you are under 18 years old.

7. Liability of Visitors And Users

We cannot control all the content (such as, text, photos, videos, audio, code, links etc.) posted to our Services by anyone (“Content”) and Filum lab is not responsible for any use of such Content.

  • We do not support any Content and do not agree that Content is accurate and non-harmful to others.
  • If you comment in the Forum (Club) and website, upload your Content, you are liable for this informantion, and any harm it may create in consequence.
  • Filum lab is not responsible for any harm from anyone’s use or downloading of Content. If you use any Content, you are solely responsible for taking necessary steps to protect yourself and your computer systems from Trojan horses, viruses and other content that may harm your system or computer.

8. Payment and Fees

Fees for Services. Some of our Services are offered for a pay, such as FL-test (Filum lab test). By using a Paid Service, you agree to pay the specified price. FL-test fee is one-time fee. The donations to Filum lab are also fees but are on voluntary basis only. The payment for our books is also one-time fee. The price for the books do not include the shipping cost and packaging (for paperback books only). FL-test is free for families who have alive family member with Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s disease. But only people who are in contact with a patient will be able to pass the FL-test for free.

Price Changes. We may change our fees and prices anytime. If you don’t agree with the such changes, you must cancel your Payment before your purchase.

Taxes. You are responsible for payment of all Taxes relating to your country and use of our Services, your payments and your purchases.

Refunds. FL-test is our work and service that demands that we spend our time reading and analyzing your answers. Your payment is a gratitude for our time and efforts. Therefore, we usually don’t make any refunds for our customers that bought FL-test or our books, unless such refunds are required by applicable law.

If you strongly disagree with the test results, then after receiving the result, the money back period is limited to 14 days from the date of purchase. You must immediately write to us that you do not agree with the test results.

We will refund your money if you do not agree to take the FL-test again or our another test, but for free. If you agree to take the another test again, you give up the original position and will not receive your money back. In this case, you must inform us by writing to our e-mail, that instead of refunding the money, you agree to take the test again, that is offered by us. In both cases, when refunding money and when re-passing the test, you agree to provide us with a photo of your passport (with your full name, year of birth, place of birth, photo of your identity and passport number visible).

If you missed the time for a refund and turned to us late, then you must prove to us within one year why you disagree with the test result, or show the reason for the circumstance why you missed the 14-day refund period. A photo of a certificate from your doctor or a photo of a death certificate of someone close to you or another can be used as evidence. If there is such evidence, we will refund your money if you do not agree to take another test for free. If you agree to take another test, you give up with your original intent and will not receive your money back. In this case, you must inform us by writing to the mail that instead of refunding the money, you agree to take the test again.

In both cases, you provide a photo of your passport (with your full name, year of birth, place of birth, identity photo and passport number). When a customer requests a refund, he must choose one of the three reasons we indicated: 1. Afraid of being identified by the authorities or other people. 2. The authorities ignore his innate values formulated by us and does not recognize them. 3. The client has changed his mind and does not accept our theory at his own discretion.

If the period of one year has expired, we do not refund the money, but we recommend that you take a new paid test if you are unhappy with the previous result. Because every year we may change old ones tests to new ones or improve them.

No-Show. We can have a policy called “no-show” for FL-test or books (for example, when our potential customer didn’t pay for FL-test or books during long time, up to 2 month), which means that if you ordered and forget to pay for our test or our book during a scheduled session, we may withhold the Service and delete your test answers and your personal information.

9. Warranty

You consent and warrant that your behavior and use of website www.filumlab.com and our Services will:

  • Will comply with all laws;
  • Will be in respect and with accordance with these Terms and Agreement;
  • Will not violate the intellectual property;
  • Will not overload our systems, as we may consider at our own opinion;
  • Will not share any sensitive personal information of others without their consent;
  • Will not send spam or messages that are not related to the topic;
  • Will not use the Services for any unlawful goals, or to publish illegal content, that have a purpose to support illegal activities;
  • Will not damage or attack any service or network;
  • Will not create, share or enable material that operates with malicious programs, viruses, code etc.

10. Service Terms

Filum lab Website and Accounts

Filumlab.com service is basically free, but at the moment, we offer paid service called FL-test. The main features of FL-test are described on the main page here and also here. In addition we offer our books on the website for a fee here.

By using Filumlab.com, you consent and warrant that your Content and conduct do not violate our rules and Agreement. That means, that you are prohibited from posting and uploading any Content (photos, text, videos, links, codes etc.) that may contain pornography, intellectual property violation, calls to violence, malware, spyware, adware or other destructive code, spam.

Shipping. We don’t have physical services tied to one place. That is why no shipping address is needed for using FL-test and our web services. But we may need your physical address in case you want to purchase our paperback book. This address and other related information is needed only for international postal shipping. After the customers pay for FL-test or our E-book (or PDF), they will receive their test result (or copy of a book) within the order on the email they indicated in contact form on Filumlab.com. If there are some changes we will contact each customer by email and notify them.

Advertisements. If desired, we may display or remove your advertisements posted by you on our Club (forum) or in the announcement panel as we see fit.

11. Changes

We can update or create new Services anytime and we may change the legal terms under which our Services are offered. If you don’t agree with our changes, then you should stop using our Services. Your further use of our Services will be subject to the new terms.

12. Cancellation

We may cancel your access to our Services anytime, with or without cause, with or without notice. We can delete your account and username when you don’t want to remove or change your content that violates any our policy and terms and that can be harmful to others at our own opinion.

13. Renouncement of Warranties

All our Services and books are provided “as is.” Filum lab and its licensors and creators (authors) renounce all warranties of any kind, fitness for any purpose and non-violation. Neither Filum lab, nor its creators (authors) and licensors, warrant that our Services will be without mistakes or that access will be continuous. You understand that you obtain information or our Services and use it at your own discretion and risk. Also, the result of FL-test does not guarantee that authorities or other people will react to such results in a way that you expected and there is no guarantee, that such people will accept it and understand.

14. Limitation of Responsibility

Filum lab, its creators (authors) and licensors, are not liable for any consequential or occasional damages or loss of your personal data. Filum lab, its creators (authors) and licensors have no responsibility for any delays, mistakes, blocking or damages that happened out of Filum lab control. Namely, for any delays or losses, missing or damaged parcels from the postal services (like national mail and private postal services), banks or payment processors payments, hosting providers service and other Third Parties and plugins that Filum lab has no connection with. Therefore, you sign agreement with us in this way and agree to such terms if you use our website and services.

15. Indemnification

You agree to reimburse and protect Filum lab, its creators (authors), licensors, and stuff members from all losses, demands, liabilities, damage, claims, expenses, including attorneys’ fees, that may arise out of your usage of our Services, including but not limited to your violation of our Agreement or any agreement with a provider of third-party services used in connection with the our Services and also Content that you post.

16. Language And Translation

These Terms were written in English. In case of discrepancies between a translated version of these Terms and the English version, the English version will control.

17. Miscellaneous

The Agreement constitutes the agreement between Filum lab and its creators (authors), licensors and you. If any part of the Agreement is considered as invalid or as not in force, that part will be interpreted to reflect the parties’ original meaning and intention, and the remaining terms will remain in full force. A refusal by any party of any term or condition of the Agreement or any violation will not cancel such term or condition or any following.