Types of Human Relationships

Types of human relationships

Types of human relationships are the types of relations between different ITTs of people.

ITT is the inherited personality type of thinking and each type has some type of relationship with other people who have different inherited type of thinking. Such relationships can be also called interpersonal relationships.

Here is our table of relationships and their description:

Close in spirit Relationship (C) – both partners find understanding and see in each other the familiar life values. After that one person thinks that the other one is a good partner for marriage and love relationship. This is due to the fact that the partner usually behaves gently and compliant. One side of this relationship is satisfied with a role of leader. But after few years of relations they both realize that they lack the thrill and moral development. Family fights and disputes may arise, but not as often as in “Attractive relationships”. They don’t prefer to beat each other or punish because they have a mutual feeling of respect.

All quarrels and disputes usually arise inside the house, because they are different people at the household level. This is due to the fact that one side of such relationship has more chaotic or risky character which cannot be said about the other side. But despite this, the couple is more likely to stay together even if their interest calms down after few years of relationships. “Close in spirit relationships” are the most popular in the world among family couples. This type of relationship is considered to be good for long-term marriage despite slight boredom. The risk of having stress when living together is 50%.

Attractive Relationship (Att) – two mysterious persons that attract each other. They have a stable feeling of love and struggle. These feelings cause stable morally spiritual brawls that may lead to the beatings in direct meaning of this word. In a such type of relationship the couple has a constant changing passion and suffering. When these two persons are together they feel something like magnetism and also a constant opposition at the same time. When they communicate, their innate life values don’t work. Instead of it, they have other people’s values that work perfectly for them. For example, for those who have innate values like “sex and prestige” they will get “self-realization” instead.

For those couples who have innate “self-realization” they will get “sex and prestige” feeling when they contact with their partner. For those people who have life value “feelings and love”, they will get “childbirth”. For those who have “childbirth” they will get “feelings and love” instead. Attractive relationship will cause constant disputes and mutual endless list of requirements to each other. But despite this there is a prospect of developing relations and a constructive work in common affairs. According to our calculations “Attractive relationship” hold the second place in the world by popularity of marriage. The risk of having stress living together is 80-100%

Educative Relationship (E) – this type of relationship is similar to “Dominating” but it has a little bit less psychological pressure on a weak side. The relationship consists of two sides: the person who educates and a person who is listening. The side that is listening is a weak side. But in this relationship the strong side tries not to dominate fully. The receiving side still feels some pressure when the teacher tries to explain something. These two don’t understand each other, because they have different innate ways of thinking. That’s why they always argue and have endless disputes. After some time of living together the weak side feels that everything she can do is to listen to endless demands and reproaches of the teacher. But at the same time the teacher is getting tired too of explaining the same things all the time. And the only way in such relationship that will be good for both is to live separately. Both cannot change their mind and after approximately 7 years of living together, the risk of getting stress in such relationship is 100% for both. Due to prolonged stress, the development of nervous diseases, Parkinson’s disease and dementia in the weaker side of the relationship is possible. Such type of relationship is on third place by popularity.

Dominating Relationship (D) – such relationship always have hidden unwanted sexual attraction. This relationship consist of two sides: the one side is a dominant and the other is a victim. The victim is always afraid of the dominant. When they together, a dominating person looks at the victim and do not notice anybody else around. The victim sees it and feels a constant fear and confusion. The dominant side doesn’t like the behavior and speech of the victim and he waits until he can “bite” the victim. The manner of speech and appearance of the victim is always unclear for the dominating person. He thinks that the victim deserves a punishment for his behavior. But the main paradox here is that the other people (those who have not the ITT of the dominator) don’t see anything bad in the behavior, appearance or speech of the victim.

The reason why the dominating person is thinking badly about a victim is hidden only in his innate subjective attitude. Usually a victim should not rely on compassion from the side of the dominant. A dominating side will try to ridicule and humiliate the victim until physical conflict may start. But the main thing here is that the victim is not able to defend himself or resist, because he or she is in a state of total confusion. This is the worst type of relationship for marriage, love and business. We have found that the constant contact of a victim with a dominating person can trigger the mental diseases development processes in a victim’s head such as: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Unfortunately, such relationships happens too and in our list this relationship type is in fourth place by popularity among couples.

Seductive Relationship (S) – one of the best types of relationship for living together and for business. But due to the different innate values, level of self-esteem and way of thinking these people don’t understand the sense of humor and sarcasm of each other and not only. The relationship is developing because these two really like each other and have a kind of mutual temptation. Despite different values these two sides also have endless list of topics to talk on. Sometimes during the conversation one side doesn’t like some kind of behavior of his partner, but he tries not to pay a lot of attention to it. Such type of relationship may continue for a long time until one of them will find another partner, namely a person from “Attractive”, “Close in spirit” or “Educative” type of relationship. The main feature of seductive relationship is that it will never be so fully loaded with emotions like “Attractive” ones. But the risk of having stress living together is 75%. This type of relationship is on fifth place by popularity among couples.

Brotherly Relationship (Br) – relations where figuratively exist only two roles: the role of older and younger brother. Those two feel understanding and the same life values in each other. The older brother always wants to correct his younger brother and his behavior. This is due to fact that the older brother is thinking much more wider and he is right in most life situations. The older brother feels that his younger brother has a slightly similar way of thinking, so that is why they both don’t have a lot of interest in development of such relations. All they have is a mutual trust. They don’t argue much and usually don’t fight. Such marriages are very rare. The risk of having stress when living together is below 20%

Identical Relationship (Id)the presence of sympathy and a little shyness that looks like a small passion for a short period of time. But after a longer period of their connection they both realize that they have only maternal (parental) feeling to each other. Usually that feeling is related to age. Both partners have mutual respectful attitude. There is no perspective in love relationship, because the behavior of both partners is predictable and both of them look for other people subconsciously. This relationship is good for business, because they both have a strong trust in each other. This is due to the fact that they are thinking in a similar way. This type of relationship in marriage is very rare. The risk of having stress living together is 0%

Estranged Relationship (Est) – at first sight such relationship looks very similar to “Identical”. Both sides have mutual friendly interest and trust. But over time they start to lose their confidence in each other, because they realize that they have completely different innate life values and way of thinking. One partner starts to behave in such way that annoys another but both of them try not to conflict. Instead of conflict they choose to live on a distance. Such relationships are very rare in marriage, love or business.

Controversial Relationship (Con) – strange relationship where both partners try to act like brothers at first sight. But after countinuos discussions they both realize that they have different innate values and opinions. They try to behave in a good manner but it is very difficult for them to stay close together. Instead of compromise they always argue and discuss different things. Each partner has a strong feeling that the opposite side is disagrees with him. Usually they do not conflict in aggressive way, but both sides have no respect to each other. Even “Estranged” relations have more respectful attitude to each other. But here is always a reason not to trust. This type of relationship is not good for marriage or business.

Strained Relationship (Str) – they have respect for each other and neutral position at first sight. But deeply inside both of them don’t see any good qualities in each other. To be more precise, they don’t need such qualities. The relations are not developing because they always see a strange person in their partner. Somehow magically, they always try to be careful with each other and they try to demonstrate only the good sides of their character when they are together.

They don’t see the reason to be careful but they always do that. They try to look better and it takes a lot of energy to stay in that image for both of them. Such position is not comfortable for both and they need some time to relax without mutual contact. That is why such relationship is uncomfortable and strained. The perspective of developing such relationship is low, both for marriage or business.

Selfish Relationship (Sel) – in such relations people notice each other very quickly and they look mysterious for each other. They look at each other and feel a strange attraction at first sight. But after a short time of conversation they don’t understand each other and realize that they have different innate values and thinking. Besides that, both of them think that their partner has selfish or obscenely behavior which they don’t like. Such behavior evokes only negative emotions. But both of them don’t know that such behavior is also the result of their different innate self-esteem level. It would seem that both notice each other visually but their short contact usually turns into complete disappointment. After that they try to avoid each other. There is no perspective for development such relationship.

Related Relationship (R) – in this relationship both of them notice each other quickly and try to save equal and neutral relationship. They try not to hurt mutual feelings and show respect. The opinions and position of one side is a bit strange for another, because they don’t see the goals and aspiration of each other. They are good as the business partners for a short period of time, because later they feel only mutual competition instead of help. It is very rare type of relationship for marriage.

Business Relationship (B) – this name speaks for itself. Such relationship is good for collaboration and business only. At first sight these two persons don’t have mutual understanding. But after some time you surprisingly realize that you can talk on different topics with your partner. Eventually, you will get a nice friendly atmosphere and mutual respect. But you will not get a total understanding, because you and your partner has another way of thinking and life values. Even having some good relationship both sides will stay with their own opinion and position. This is not good for marriage and love, that’s why this relationship is rare for such purposes.

Unnecessary Relationship (U) – strange and unstable type of relationship. Both sides don’t have mutual attraction or irritation. They try to study each other but later they see no point in doing this. Usually they show respect to each other but they do this only for tact and indulgence purposes. They can be friends but their friendship is superficial, because they have different innate values and thinking. This type of relationship is very rare for marriage, love or business purposes. Because the facts show that these two people don’t need each other.