What is the FL-test?

The FL-test Miniature:

(The most affordable basic version of the FL-test, which costs only 3 USD. It will give you answers to most typology questions. With a discount * you can get it for only 2.5 USD)

The FL-test Standard:

(This is a more detailed version of the FL-test that has a two-page report detailing your innate personality traits, inborn group and other nuances. The cost of this test is 12 USD. And with a discount*, thanks to our partners, you pay only 10 USD for it)

The FL-test Prestige:

(the most detailed and prestigious version of the test, where, in addition to the basic innate detailed characteristics, there are additional personal characteristics, that are placed on 16 pages of the report. With this test, you will get the maximum possible typological information from the Filum lab about you. The cost of this test is 48 USD. With a discount*, you can buy it for 40 USD)

Interpretation of the FL-test.

The detailed interpretation of the Filum lab test result. Click the button below.

Why do I need this test?

What should i do next with my FL-test results and what it gives to me? Click the button below.

Why do I have to pay for a test if your mission is noble?

“The first reason for that is that we did several free testing campaigns and noticed that people try little when passing tests, don’t read the questions carefully, don’t think about them, are in a hurry and don’t share honest information. Hence they don’t value free tests. The second reason is that we are completely independent, so no one pays us for our work. We would be happy to do simple testing using instruments instead of testing, but at the moment this is not possible due to lack of funding. That is why you need to meet us halfway by spending twenty minutes of personal time and reflection on our test. Because your result depends only on your efforts. After all, we are trying hard for you, and you need to do the same.”

Sincerely yours, Viktor Dudkevych, author and creator of the Filum lab project

Now, if you are ready to identify your innate personality type and other key personal characteristics, press here:

*Discounted price is only available to people who indicate the name and surname of our partner who advised them to purchase the FL-test.