Your Innate Color Group

Four (4) innate colors of people. Color groups by Filum lab.

Color group is the group of people that like the same color.

And if we are not talking about the shades of all colors, there are only four main colors in nature: green, red, blue, yellow.

The first group of people are attracted by the green color, while the other groups prefer red, blue or yellow. You may notice such preferences only in the total mass, when people choose their clothes, use such colors in architecture, design and decor, furniture, cars and in any other household appliances. Such choice suggests us that there are four different groups of people in the world, based only on the color they choose.

We created a map, that shows in what countries people like one color out of four. But you may ask: “What is the value of such information?”.

Colors are not just their favorite colors.

They are innate (inherited) color groups of people. They choose their color only because they feel consolation, relaxation and comfort when they see the color they like. Therefore, we think, that each person has only one innate color inside his or her genes and it is only one color out of four we mentioned above.

But no one is feeling this color inside and such color does not appear physically on a skin of a person and on their appearance. Therefore, each person uses only eyes to choose subconsciously the specific color, when they feel the stable attraction and power when they look at it.

What else such colors can tell us?

First of all, they are connected with the values of human inherited types of thinking. Here is the link with the human values. Also, they have connections with food products for different ITT types here.

World map of innate color groups:

But what thinking types belong to what inherited color group?

Here is our list:

DLST, ACTT, ASLT, DTCT belong to green innate color group. That means that their innate color is green.

ALST, DCTT, DSLT, ATCT belong to red innate color group. That means that their innate color is red.

ALTT, DCST, DTLT, ASCT belong to blue innate color group. That means that their innate color is blue.

DLTT, ACST, ATLT, DSCT belong to yellow innate color group. That means that their innate color is yellow.

Author is Viktor Dudkevych, creator of the Filum lab. Researchers: Viktor Dudkevych & Olha Kovalchuk, Filum lab project.

Date of publication: December 1, 2020

Note, that our world map displayed above is analytical and approximate. More accurate map will be created after worldwide personal testing of people. In order to know your ITT and discover your innate color group, you can order our FL-test here.